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Thread: Raiders vs Team with NO Name

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    Raiders vs Team with NO Name

    Not a good start. D looks bad. Down 7-zip.

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    They looked freakin clueless

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    Just watched Washington walk through this defense like a screen door. Pathetic.

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    Oh boy... flat as fuck.
    We don't seem to play very well at our shiny new party stadium.

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    More Washington fans than Raider fans. Also pathetic.

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    I will say it now... we are in deep shit this game.

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    Renfrow is a bright spot

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    Guess we will not see any throws over 6 yards today

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    Man, this game has ugly written all over it.

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    Back to dink and dunk bullshit..

    Anyone else get scared everytime they hear Carr say "We're good, we're good"?
    Because we are NEVER good when Carr says that, especially on 3rd downs.
    I heard him say "We're good" and I said to the wife "oh fuck. Here comes a punt".

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