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Thread: The Raiders at Dallas

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    surrounded by dallas fans at Thanksgiving "MY RAIDERS" MADE ME PROUD

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    Derek carr played great, defense was balling but im still pissed at abrams he blew multiple coverages especially on schulz and gave up a td, littleton was giving it to him on the field and abrams was looking lke a liddle boy getting scoulded,carlson nailz, our coaching was stinking it up as per usual, time management sucked again its a miracle we won

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    This win made my thanksgiving, the food just tasted better as the dallas fans at the table were deflated and pissed,lol

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    Finally Desean was in there a lot, finally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnkr View Post
    Who would get the turkey drumsticks if Madden was still awarding them?
    Carr with 373 yards passing
    Renfrow with 134 yards receiving
    Jackson with 102 yards receiving and a TD
    Ngakoue for a sack and pressure all day
    Carlson for clutch FGs

    Id go with Carlson

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    Great win for the raiders and I will take it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD707 View Post
    Yeah they played today, where were these guys the last three games? they need to keep their emotions in check I think. Carr carried the offense today for the most part but was a much better effort than the last 3 weeks all around. D has been consistent, thats 100 yard kick off return should never happen again though.
    Yep. They need to bring it every week.

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    Don't know where this team is heading, but going into December the Raiders are at least relevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidraider View Post
    Dallas wants the point it took off the score board..
    Yeah but keep in mind they wouldn't have gone for 2 after the TD had they gotten that extra point. Score would've still been tied up at end of game.

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