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Thread: Carr dicked out of Fedex Air Player of the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    no problem, i got my eyes on the ball only these days, can you tell mark to hurry up and extend me for 35 million a yr lol
    Lol.. well, i got Marks cell # from FIBSavior so consider it a done deal my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePantyRaider View Post
    Hes not even one of the 3 nominated..
    He had a completion rate of over 91%.. another 300+ yard game. How is Aaron Rodgers nominated over Carr? Burrow i understand, and then there is Stafford.
    IMO Carrs #s and performance this week were better than all 3.. why? 31 for 34 with beautiful mastery of this offense. These werent just dink and dunk passes.. Ridiculous.
    Anyway, who are you voting for, since Carr is getting dicked?

    Im going Burrow officially but unofficially and most deserving is Carr IMO, and not because Im a die hard Raider fan. Oh, and without Darren Waller to boot.
    Rodgers shouldn't be nominated, Carr should but Burrow had a better game against a better team. Stafford had a damn good game too. All 3 (replace Rodgers with Carr) are deserving but Burrow should win the award this week

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