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stupid america allowed all of this to happen, china has been buying our politicos for 40 yrs in cash/women and inside deals, its only a matter of time before americca falls to communism... 1/3 rd of american think marxism is good, over 40% think socialism is good
The way Cancel culture is, Woke culture, it's headed that way, you can't say anything. Enes Kanter said free Tibet.....all Celtic games are not available in China. Daryl Morey said he stands with Hong Kong, his games are banned in China, while he was with the Rockets, those were banned, now he's with the Sixers those are banned.....America is getting there.

They start handpicking the politicos on college campuses, Eric Swalwell is one of them, he's probably had a Chinese side piece for 20 years now...can't even deny it.