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Thread: Gotta love Rich Eisen

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    Gotta love Rich Eisen

    Always have liked this guy.. but this makes me love him

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    I've been watching his videos every Monday. When we win I love how they have the Autumn Wind playing in the background. He was geeked about our opening night win against the Ravens. Saying how that wild game was on par with a wild night in Vegas. Then the whole email thing he mentioned how Al was spinning in his grave, pointing out all the minorities Al Davis hired when no one else would. He was REALLY pissed off with Gruden. He's also one of the big believers of saying that when the Raiders are good, the NFL as a whole is better.

    Rich is a good guy.

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    Love Rich. he did an interview with Tom Hanks about his love of ken Stabler and the Raiders.

    Rich: "The raiders went from "Drama Central to Party Central".

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    He's a level headed guy. Doesn't do stupid takes to get clicks like clowns on espn/fox. One of like two guys involved in the NFL media that didn't spew hate on us when we were at our lowest for years.

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