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Thread: josh jacobs and his future with the raiders

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    josh jacobs and his future with the raiders

    i've been thinking about this for a while and have come to the conclusion that the raiders will not resign josh jacobs after his deal is up, the only question i have is will they let his 5th yr option expire or if we will pick it up, my stance on running backs is always move on unless that player is a generational type like Derick Henry or Christian McCaffery and josh jacobs isn't even near either of these 2, sure he is good but he also is no threat as a reciever and he doesn't dominate running either on top of that the kid is alway hurt

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    Yep, just need to draft one every 3 drafts or so. Sign a free agent, and pick one from the bottom tier to fill out the RB room.

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    I say pick up his 5th year and see if he can stay healthy. We need to see more from Ragas as well.

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    5th year is a no brainier. Running backs are pretty disposable after 1st contract, especially in today's shared back fields.

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    Jacobs is only in his 3rd year. Worry about picking up the option at the end of next season.

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    Tough to say after one game in 3rd year. It’s a long season. 5th year option may be more relevant following the current season, but there’s no question that Gruden plans to feature Jacobs this year. He’s a team captain and the injury should only keep him out this week. He has some history being injured, but has still put up impressive numbers.

    I figure he will be back healthy against MIA.

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    I dont think well be able to do it, and we shouldnt. Weve had the highest paid oline till this year. Hes just not elite no matter how much hes helped with this rebuild. If he was always healthy this would be harder, but hes not. I still feel it was a good pick. !000+ yards per season is good, but I feel were transitioning to more of a passing team. If he could take control of the game or was a truly elite RB we wouldnt even be talking about it. Unless hes willing to sign for less based on his market value in total yards I dont see it happening.

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    jacobs and his back to back 1000 yds is good, him getting all of the goal line work and scoring tds is good but his lack of receiving down grades him greatly and his health concerns are also a red flag, all n all josh jacobs is slightly above avg as a running back and he doesn't possess breakaway speed which limits him to runs of 15-20 yds max if we didn't have so many needs this yr we should have drafted a running back instead of spend so much to get drake as a 1b to jj 1a

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    With the 17 game season, you need 58.8 yards a game to be a thousand yard back. 1000 isn't what it used to be.

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    Definitely a disappointment to see Jacobs injured in beginning of the season. Just not counting him out as far as impact on the ground this season. Really tough to call severity of this injury. Grateful for Gruden-Mayock grabbing Drake to share the load. That’s all I got. Long season…Jacobs will be back to show the NFL why he’s a feature back.

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