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Thread: 2021 draft grades are in!!

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    2021 draft grades are in!!

    Lots of arm chair GM's out there with all the answers. No one really knows what any player drafted will do until they actually get on the field and show it. Injuries, covid, system fits, talent around them, scheme, etc, all factor in with any given player in terms of their success in the NFL. On paper, and as we sit here today, it appears Chucky and Mayock hit a grand slam home run baby!

    With as active as the Raiders were in FA, and having in influx of young talent over the last two drafts, there really wasn't many needs left when it came to the draft this year. RT, as I stated before the draft was our last and biggest remaining need. And Mayock and Chucky pulled the tripper and went out and got an absolute beast in Alex Leatherwood! Simply put, if you are a first team All-American, Outland trophy award winner, and a national champion, playing on the best team in college football, this is simply put a great pick! Moving over to the right side from LT will be an easy transition for Leatherwood. This guy can play any position but center. The line now looks set with Miller at LT, Incognito at LG, James at C, Good at RG, and Leatherwood at RT.

    To the arm chair GM's and Mel Kiper himself, trading back wasn't an option. Too many teams were in need of a tackle. Especially the Ravens who just traded Orlando Brown to the KC. Mayock did confirm he had an offer to trade back, but it was a bad offer and we would have lost Leatherwood, Tom Cable's favorite offensive linemen in the entire draft! I can hear all the armchair GM's now, whining and complaining that Mayock didn't get enough in the trade back.

    Let me remind you all, Mike Mayock has the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best, talent evaluators on planet earth! Kiper who many here trust in the 10th degree, is a Ravens fan with bias against certain teams in the NFL. The Raiders have and always will be one of the most hated! A friend pointed out that most every time the Raiders are on the clock, the station goes to commercial. Coincidence? You tell me!

    Many here clamored for JOK the LB for ND and or Travon Moehrig with our first round selection at 17. Getting Moehrig at 43 was an absolute steal! Moehrig the Thorpe award winner, named the best DB in college football! Had we took him at 17, that would have been a reach, right? Or even JOK from ND going at pick 52. Another reach had he gone 17 to the Raiders, right?

    Pumped about our young secondary! Arnette and Mullen at CB. Abrams and Moehrig at the safety positions! Mix in some vets that we have, and the sky is the limit for this young and talented group!

    Round 3 we take Koonce who drew praise from the ESPN broadcast crew including Kiper. Kiper had to, because he had Koonce going high to mid second round in one of his mock drafts! Koonce has burst, can bend, and has long arms. In 2019, he had 9 sacks and applied constant pressure! This guy will be a special teamer in all likelihood and be a situational pass rusher on obvious passing downs. Koonce in round 3 was a steal!

    Deablo also taken in round 3 looks like Cam Chancellor! 2 writers from and CBS sports both graded the pick and A! This guy is 6'3 and 230 with 4.4 speed. The plan looks like special teams and a nickel and dime LB/Safety. This guy can lite you up! Special teams is going to be fun to watch this year no doubt!

    In round 4, the Raiders went and got their guy in Tyree Gillespie! Another extremely hard hitting safety who will contribute on special teams immediately! Our kick and punt coverage units are going to be darn right intimidating!

    Round 5. You wanted defense, well you got plenty of it! Nate Hobbs a 4 year starter at CB, was called the most physical CB in the entire draft! Again, these physical defensive players are going to make our special teams a force to be reckoned with! Hobbs will compete and give more depth at CB and the defense as a whole!

    Round 7. How can you not like center Jimmy Morrisey? Walk on who started for 4 years and was a team captain! Won the walk on award for the nations best walk on. The same award Hunter Renfro won a couple of years ago. The only way you achieve what Morrisey did is through hard work and the love of football! These are the type of players that Mayock and Chucky covet and are consistently adding to this football team!

    In summary, we filled our last starting position at RT with an absolute beast and road grader! We then added depth and players who will have a role and help immediately on defense and special teams!

    Great draft plain and simple! The draft grade for the 2021 Las Vegas Raiders draft is none other than an A+!

    Go Raiders!
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    Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah has a heart issue that caused him to fall in the draft. I'm glad we stayed away.

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    No way an A+. Never would have thought that would be the grade. How about having no DT's on the roster with more than a 1 year contract? Don't need DT's next year or the year after. How about having arguable one of the worst receiving groups in the NFL? Only the Lions are worse. Don't address either of those position and hopefully draft a player that can push for a starting job this year and next. The Raiders were staring at the best coverage linebacker in the draft in Jabril Cox, they pass on him for Diablo who would need to learn a new position. Or taking a 3rd down rush end instead of drafting a potential starting receiver in Dyami Brown. We need a staring slot corner, we don't touch a corner until the 5th round.
    While I agree that you don't know what you have until these players get on the field. We had needs that were not addressed in this draft.

    This draft started out fantastic with the first 2 selections and I would give them a solid B. From the 3rd round on, while I like some of the players needs were not addressed that need to be. And for that reason not you or anyone else on this planet could give a grade higher then a C.

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    This Dunce had the A+ on it if they would have drafted cadavers. Not capable of questioning anything this franchise does, and if you do, you will lose your fanhood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vioraider View Post
    This Dunce had the A+ on it if they would have drafted cadavers. Not capable of questioning anything this franchise does, and if you do, you will lose your fanhood
    His total bullshit on everything the Raiders do, offers no value, just like many Raider draft picks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidraider View Post
    His total bullshit on everything the Raiders do, offers no value, just like many Raider draft picks.
    Yeah you got it. Every year this dumbass gets on here at draft time and pukes up A+++, and top tandems and other sickening baseless praise. I actually watched this franchise win Super Bowls and be a great team. This shit for the last 2 decades is a complete joke. I need to SEE this shitshow turn around before I drink the kool aid again

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    I’m surprised it wasn’t an A++++ !!!

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    Guys hes nothing but a troll...We feed into it when we respond...Its to dumb to even try anymore...
    Fu#k The Rest

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    The biggest addition to me is Gus Bradley. If he can make this defense somewhat respectable, we have a good chance of being in every game to the end. I trust the tearing down of our O-line and rebuilding will be a success with Cable at the helm.

    If Gruden can be less predictable on his play calling, Carr uses his legs like last season or even more, and we keep the stupid penalties to a minimum, we can improve on last year's record.

    We need guys like Ruggs, Arnette, Edwards and Abram to step up. Will be interesting to see how the defense plays this season, as usual, with the start of every season, I'm hopeful.

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    i give our draft a c-, we lost lots of value in rd 1, made up some value in rd2 the rest was neutral and the trade up for a safety (gallespi) was more lost value, all n all we lost value in this draft by reaching and trading up for a player we did not need

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