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Thread: Patriots Dynasty Will End With The Oakland Raiders

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    Don't forget, the Raiders were the first NFL team to win a super bowl as a wild card team.

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    Amen to that Rawhead. We're baaaaaaccckkk!! GO RAIDERS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haji81872 View Post
    Since it started with us we may as well end it.
    Exactly what I thought, and was going to post, as soon as I saw the thread.
    Fucking tuck rule still piss's me off.

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    Let's start with whooping em on Nov 19th.

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    I know it's hoakie but TB12 on madden 18 cover is a jinx

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    im with rick lets focus on beating teams in the afc west first

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    I say focus on beating who ever is across the line of scrimmage.

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