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Thread: Chargers week

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    Chargers week

    RAIDER NATION, i'm trying to be optimistic about this game and that we will win but I need some help. Why are we going to win this game?
    Carr is back, that's a good thing. Carr's last home game was against the Jets, we looked good then.
    Our Defense is not going to shut them down, so we are going to have to score some points.
    I don't want to call this a must win game (only 6th game of season) but it sure seems like it if we have any hopes of trying to win the division. If we loose, maybe we can still make the playoffs??? 2-4 would really suck with the Chefs coming to town next Thursday.

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    Poor thinking.... well too make you feel better, we cant get any worse so heres to a game that we get better on offense and defense
    Dilly Dilly.

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    it's a must win game, lose to chargers and fell to 2-4 will not make the playoffs

    especially chiefs 5-0 against steelers and broncos 3-1 against giants

    we could potentially see the chiefs 6-0 or 5-1 and broncos 4-1 while we're 2-4 dead last!
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    Honestly... Chargers 34....Raiders 21.

    Season seems like a lost cause right now, hope I'm wrong but they need to prove to us that they still give a shit
    I hope I didn't brain my damage...

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    I did forget until today that we have their old DC, John Pagano. Maybe he can help with a few suggestions for our offense?

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    IMO ever week is a must win, we have embarrassed ourselves the last 3 weeks. DC is not 100% apparently our OC changed our blocking scheme. We lose 3 in a row we are beyond fucked. It is time for a new GM, I’m still pissed about last week, so maybe I’m not thinking rationally! Let’s go fucking win this weekend! DOMINATE!!
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    chargers, patriots, cowboys, rams, broncos. The 5 teams that I dislike the MOST! Fuck the chargers yo. We NEED this win so I can keep my sanity lol

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    We will win this game

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