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Thread: Who are the linebackers? Lee & James out?

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    Who are the linebackers? Lee & James out?

    any clear answers????????????

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    PS... that's a nobody.. Ben Heeney coming back lol

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    Why fill needs with anyone? Will be much harder to lose if we actually have a quality LBer or two.. makes too much sense. Wont happen. Reggie is still hibernating from last winter

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    We don't need inside linebackers according to the staff. It's all about the non existent pass rush, pass coverage.

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    Yaa Idk why or DC HC & GM were ALL LBers but can't find a MLB

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    Navarro Bowman just got released

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    This move needs to be made.. just lost our MLB for the season and this defense could really use a boost

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    James is questionable, if Navarro was cut why they hell not?

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    Wasn't Lee a full participant today?

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