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Thread: Where's the love for Giorgio?

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    Where's the love for Giorgio?

    Maybe I missed it, but have not seen a lot of talk about our new kicker. He was money - the moment did not get to him. That was really F'in cool to see to team show him the support. That is a tough deal replacing a Raider legend on short notice and could not have performed better. Those 50 yarders were right down the middle in the net.

    We done sir.

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    True, guy really stepped up. Guy definitely deserved the game ball from Jack.

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    Game day thread gave him his due.

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    Not that it matters (as it doesnt count for points) but besides kicking both 52 yarders right down the absolute middle of the uprights, did anyone notice in the first quarter right after we scored to make it 7-0, Tavecchio kicks off and kicks the ball right down the center again, right through the center of the uprights, as it landed on the middle crossbar and through the goalposts. Doesnt count for anything but goes to show the leg and accuracy the guy is capable of. Besides that kickoff, he kicked all but one through the back of the endzone. Thats pretty awesome, considering how Jano has always gotten all the attention for such a "strong leg", yet sometimes seemed to have trouble kicking it through the back of the end zone for a touchback... obviously some shorter kicks are by design in the hopes of better field position, but at times where the Raiders needed to keep time on the clock and couldnt risk any teturn yards from a KR, Jano had seemed to have problems a bunch of times trying to kick it deep in endzone or through the endzone... just my take.

    However, I hope Tavecchio remains our kicker and Jano retires for two main reasons.
    #1 - I always despised Jano for never seeming to take practice kicks in the net prior to an important kick. If he did, he did so rarely and would only do 1 or 2. Had a sense of arrogance about him. I LOVED seeing Tavecchio, after running on the field to kick his FGs, I believe the Titans called a timeout or something, and Tavecchio runs to the sideline, and goes right to the practice net, and practices his technique... thats the kind of kicker I want. How many times has Jano missed at crucial times in years past, when he was too arrogant to practice on the side, and didnt even show emotion after he missed. He just shrugged his shoulders and would go ti the sidelines.... drove me nuts.

    #2 - Jano is highest or 2nd.highest paid kicker in the league. Tavecchio is hungrier for the job and I feel takes it much more serious for 1/5th the pay. He deserves a million or 2 million dollar contract. The kid works hard and wants to win for his TEAM. I love me some Tavecchio and am rooting for him to be a Raider till he retires. Whether or not he misses his next 2 kicks... im a believer.

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    The Dirt will be the real Test......

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    It was a pleasant surprise - especially the long ones. Great job Giorgio!

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    To me its like if a pitcher is throwing a no hitter, you just dont talk about it for fear of jinxing it. Im afraid to talk about tavec because im too afraid this wont last. This guy right now is a unicorn, he shouldnt exist, at least not for us.

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    There's love everywhere for this guy, funny, Carr says he's at OTA, mini camp, training camp, preseason....then we cut him, every year I've been here....he keeps coming back.......Special Teams player of the week.......BALLS OF STEEL, Italian Stallion......JDR ain't going to let him be a tackling dummy for the DLine any more.......

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