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Thread: Fantastic video on vanderdose performance sunday

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    Gotta say - was really worried about Tenn's running game and MM running as well. Really there were only a handful of plays that got away from us. I was so happy with the Run D. And now watching these videos on Jelly and Eddie, I really can see how well they did against a top notch O-Line. My favorite was when Eddie got taken to the ground, he got up much faster than I could and he has me by 140lbs, and he drilled MM right after a rushed incomplete throw and knocked him down hard.
    Agreed, their run game, top OLine in 2016, a healthy Mariota......scary. Our DT's stepped it up, kept our LB's clean and allowed them to finish off the RBs.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawhead View Post
    The running plays that got away from us were all by Mariota.
    Which goes back to what I said during the game. They need to work on their gap discipline. I'm not sure but I think it was James, he wanted to make the play so bad he bit on the fake and lost outside contain when mariota ran the ball in for a td. Can't do that in the NFL

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