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Thread: Fans in LA. Cardinal Game

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    Fans in LA. Cardinal Game

    Looks like it's airing at 10pm. What are the options to Carl tech the game during kickoff? Thanks

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    What does "Carl tech" mean

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    It's going to be tape delayed on KTLA at 10:00 pm. The rest of the country will get it at 7 PM pacific time.

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    Also on NFL Network at 10p pacific. Until then I've got to endure this damn Rams/Cowboys game.

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    Yeah I have the NFL game pass it's blacked out there too. BS. Chargers and Rams need to leave LA

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePantyRaider View Post
    What does "Carl tech" mean
    lol catch the... must of been auto correct

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    I will watch it on my laptop at 7:00 pm if my test works..

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