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Thread: Possibly my favorite game ever

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    Possibly my favorite game ever

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    Maybe not my all time favorite, but definitely in the top two or three. I seriously can remember watching that game like it was yesterday.
    That game, personified by Wheatlys' run... put the Raiders on another level. They carried that for several years. Man, if we could get that mentality back Thursday...

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    Losing to them over and over, being down 17 to 0, Win and the chiefs are in the playoffs, Wheatlys run broke the curse.

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    I also remember that game like it was yesterday. I had to drive up to the bay area and convinced my friend who was driving to put the game on the radio. He wasn't a football fan and was laughing at my responses. I knew at that point we'd turned the corner.

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    I remember hearing Gruden had relayed to the broadcast team that this was a huge game for us, and it was, it was more then just finishing 500 and knocking the Chiefs out, it was a building block.

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