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Thread: Shaq leonard waived

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    Shaq leonard waived

    Ian Rapoport

    A former All-Pro and Pro Bowler, #Colts LB Shaq Leonard was one of the game's best. But his playing time dipped this year, which he's spoken publicly about. Now, he's been waived.


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    6 million for this year.

    I believe none is guaranteed after this year, beyond a 6 million injury guarantee in 2024.

    2024 Cap Hit - 16 mi
    2025 - 19
    2026 - 19

    Not sure if I would waiver claim this guy given the numbers.

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    Leonard underwent back surgery in the 2022 offseason to correct a nagging injury. He missed the opening of the 2022 season, suffered a concussion and broken nose in his first game back, and eventually reinjured his back, forcing him to miss the end of the season. Leonard played in just three games last season.

    In 2023, Leonard still didn't look like his former All-Pro self, missing tackles and seeming a step out of position at times. His play-time dwindled under the new coaching staff. Earlier this month, Leonard became frustrated with his usage.

    "They say I don't make enough splash plays, so I guess I'll still be watching for a bit," he said at the time.

    Now Leonard will have a chance to prove the Colts wrong.

    With about $6.1 million in base salary for the balance of this season and $6.5 million guaranteed for injury in 2024, it's unlikely a team will claim Leonard -- and his contract -- off waivers. If he clears, the linebacker will be a free agent.

    I bet when he gets truly healthy and his head is in a good place he could be awesome. Only 28.

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    Dude was a beast before injury. I dont think a 6 mil+ gamble would be on the table for us. Someone is going to get a bargain if he can get back to form, but again, that is a big if.

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    He's washed and is slower. Started the season as a 2 down backer and as the season has progressed he's become a 1st down backer.

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    i thought he wasn't subject to ww but looks like he is, at that price nobody will sign him, we wait til he is free and then go get him

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