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Thread: 3 reasons not to give up on Raiders season (yet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DARAIDAHS View Post
    I hope the offense start throwing deep more, if just to keep the defense honest. This will probably lighten the box too and help out Jacobs. If Garoppolo is unwilling to throw deep then take him out and put in someone who will. I know he doesn't have the strongest arm in the NFL, but he's a starting caliber NFL QB, he must be able to throw the ball at least 40 - 50 yds down the field.
    This was sort of the issue in Buffalo. There are videos floating out there of people being open on even intermediate routes, Jimmy has time to make the throw, and he just....doesn't. He checks it down. Buffalo then started creeping more towards the LOS and that compounded are issues in the run game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 76Raider View Post
    Not many in air yards and everyone has highlights. SF was the place to succeed if he could. Top 3 D every year # 1 some years , Shanahans system, all the YAC they get. Garoppolos never been good at deep throws that why the Chiefs won that SB. I do like how he WON the game for us last week, we havnt had that at QB for a while, take the game in his hands and end it. McDaniels wanted Garoppolo so its on McDaniels to scheme for him to succeed. Someone on here called in preseason it when they said we'll be better in the red zone, but it will be harder to move between the 20s. So far that spot on. This is really more on McDaniels playcalling than Garoppolo. Garoppolo is who he is, but McDaniels is going to have to figure out how to call a game after the scripted plays are gone. He still hasnt figured that out.
    Pure conjecture up above, it is completely subjective.

    The pesky facts betray you. Jimmy has never been good at deep throws? LOL! OK. That's a common misnomer. Highlights literally disprove your argument that he has NEVER been good with the deep ball. Kupp and Kittle would beg to disagree with you also, and so would some NFL commentators on xm.

    That and I don't buy that its play-calling which is at fault, it's execution.

    Those meaningless (to you) highlights show wide open WR's not getting the ball, that's on Jimmy not Josh.

    RAIDERS got thumped by a good D. Why? They couldn't execute plays and sustain drives, it had nada to do with the play-calling.
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