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Thread: Raiders @ Bills

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    Allen has ALL DAY to throw

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post
    This team is better than last year’s. We are missing two key pieces on D, Facyson and Jones. Bennett is not ready — yet. But he’s battling. Give these youngsters time.

    I expect our youngsters to be playing a lot better by the end of the year. We did have a good draft class.

    I’m tired of losing, too. I want to see progress. We are seeing some.
    We're better on paper. Doesn't mean we will have a better record. This coaching staff doesn't inspire confidence.

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    Murry is having his revenge game.

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    Crosby gets held every freakin play, but its still not going to matter.

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    Raiderman41, I am absolutely not trying to be a troll, but we had a good draft class based on what? Wilson is so GD slow that it’s borderline comical. This qb won’t throw to anyone but Adams and Jacobs. Bennett, I can give you. I’m not seeing a better team than last year right now

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    Crosby was BLATANTLY held around the neck on the last two plays

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    Just throw wherever Moehrig is and you will get a completion.

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    Our weak DT position is really hurting this team

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD707 View Post
    While I agree with giving the young guys time, even though now days you expect to see 1st rounders contribute right away, which we do not see. I however believe our definitions of progress are quite different. I see none.
    Do you see effort? I see a team that is battling, even on D. They’re not giving up.

    We’re just overmatched. Plus the Bills laid an egg last week. They came out to prove a point.

    The Bills are an experienced team, one of the oldest in the league. We are playing a lot of young players.

    Our youngsters will get better. Their vets are at their peak.

    Great Progress this year will be 9-8 or 10-7.
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