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Thread: Raiders @ Bills

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    Maximum effort right there LOL

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    Awful decision. Awful throw. I thought we got rid of captain check down. Lol

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    Just get man handled and have the ball taken from you. Thats what i call effort...

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    We need some turnovers.

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    Here comes 7 easy points for the Bills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DARAIDAHS View Post
    We need some turnovers.
    LOL, yes.... but thats the one thing you landed on? I could think of a lot of things this teams "needs"

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    Jacobs might as well as handed them the ball. nice freakin effort captain hold out.

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    The Raiders barely beat the garbage ass Broncos last week and I think a lot of people thought more of it than it was.

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    This why the Carr issue will always be funny to me. Clearly we needed to move on but I feel like some fans think that getting rid of him would just make this team so much better when in fact, we downgraded and still have a shitty defense. We aren't going to win anything unless we decide to upgrade the defense

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