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Thread: Chandler Jones Slamming Raiders

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    Jones is now claiming his account was hacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderNationPaul68 View Post
    Loss a lot of weight; make Renfro look big

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    Obviously we don't know the whole story of what is going on. But the NFL does a really bad job of alienating players when they could possibly be needing help. What if this dude mentally snapped because a loved one was molested. I would think bringing him in unless he didn't want to be there would be better for him. Let him train and be around his team. Help the man get better. Now if its a case of he showed up after he snapped and started causing problems in the locker room; bring him in and get it fixed or give him the axe. Or officially suspend him. They cant and dont want to cut him because of the cap hit! So just fix the problem and move on!

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    let him on the field eventually and showcase him to trade him off at the deadline, tyree looked much better game 2 and had a higher win rate then mad max vs buf...still learning the game and needs playing time to get exp

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