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Thread: O’Connell apparently very impressive

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    O’Connell apparently very impressive

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Young Aidan O'Connell was delivering some big-league throws today at
    3:17 PM · Jun 1, 2023
    Just once I would love for the Raiders to “hit” on a young QB who develops into a quality starter ala Brock Purdy or anything close to a Brady like leader. Just once.

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    Not taking the bait. He’s not the next Brady. IDGAF. He’s not.

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    Sorry 41. I’m not swallowing this yet. I WOULD LOVE for this to be true, but not buying it. If he’s that good, I’ll be ECSTATIC to say I was wrong

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    What on his college film didn't you like? He was a pretty good college QB. I don't expect him to start but I'm not surprised he looks good immediately. He was a 6th year senior so he should've been in the NFL a year ago at least.

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    Raiders fans can only hope, he pans out to be a great QB, for the Raiders, in the near future.

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    If he that good; why did he drafted in the 4th round...and by the raiders

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderNationPaul68 View Post
    Raiders fans can only hope, he pans out to be a great QB, for the Raiders, in the near future.
    It really hard today for the scouting agent to mess up with all the game tape that available; you remember when Scouts had to actually go to a game to scout a player; well today they most likely sit at home watching the games on their computer....I bet their maybe only handful of game tapes on Tom Brady when he was playing in college;

  8. #8 I said about him.....He WON'T be outworked. He was impressive at Purdue. Great kid and I'm rooting for him. By the way...what round was Max Crosby taken? C'mon man.

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    I'm not saying he's the next Brady, but I think this kid has a chance to be good.

    Hard work, intelligence and instincts often turn average to slightly above average talent at the QB position into a quality starter.

    All I'm saying is that one he's been looking good, and that let's hope we "hit" with our draft picks, including O'Connell, this year.

    In comparison, apparently Will Levis is struggling in camp.

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    I'm enthusiastic as hell about this kid. I really think at this point we should just roll with him. We're probably a 3 or 4 win team IF JG is able to play at all. I'm certain that the 49'ers are glad Purdy got the ball in his hands. There are NO written rules regarding the QB position. Draft em' and play em'. Then we can evaluate all we want. You NEVER know for sure.

    My biggest fear is that we would possibly "give" up on him too soon. He might suck in his 1st year. But his history shows me that he WILL NOT go away and hang his head and say " least I tried". He fights back. That's who he is.

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