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Thread: Jimmy Garoppolo Injury Waiver Clause Revealed “Failed Physical “

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    When Jimmy's on the field he wins like 70% of the time. He's been to a Superbowl, he almost did it again. I know those teams he played on were better than the Raiders and the injury concern, but on the field he is better than Carr. No matter how this plays out it was time to move on from Carr. With Jimmy or whomever there is a chance, with Carr it was mediocrity guaranteed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post
    Carr wasn’t the only problem, but he was part of the problem. He just was not a good fit in this system.

    Mistakes were made along the way by Gruden, Mayock and McDaniels/Zeigler. The one I pointed out is that they could have moved on from Carr and likely gotten a first round pick plus for him, but they didn’t.

    If this team’s defense improves, which it should, the Raiders will be better. Garrapolo, if healthy, will perform better than Carr did in this system.

    The big if is Garrappolo’s health.
    I agree that the prior regime did a piss poor job drafting. Ferrell? At 4? AYFKM?? Arnette? First round? I don’t have to tell you the others. Garropolo was on a team with the most loaded roster in the league. He’s a downgrade. It’s a long time before camp, so I guess we’ll see. I see no reason to believe in or trust these clowns so far.

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    Believe me, I get it.

    I think they came in and thought the roster and even Carr were better than they were. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt -- for now.

    You point out a few of the many mistakes Gruden and Mayock made. If only half of these picks "hit" and became solid starters or even Pro Bowl caliber players, the Raiders would be in good shape today. Sad, but we know this is true.
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    I think McDaniels and Zeigler are banking that Jimmy G will operate within the system better than Carr did. I will fully agree, Carr wasn't the SOLE problem, but when the quarterback has the limitations Carr had within Mcdaniel's system, it makes everything else beyond that harder. I don't think they are expecting Jimmy G to function like Aaron Rodgers, Mahomes, or Josh Allen. But my guess is, after watching the film and making the switch at QB during the season, they probably came to the conclusion that if we had a quarterback that operated better within this system we would have won more games. Granted, that doesn't explain the defensive cluster crap, but the offensive weapons are there to have a very good offense and I don't think we need a top 5 quarterback to put up enough points to win games. We just need Jimmy G to stay healthy and our defense to get better.

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    I didn't want Garopollo because of his history with injuries, I would rather have Stidham. But I guess McDaniels thought Garopollo could run his offense better than Stidham even with the high probability of injury.

    I'm willing to give McDaniels time to get his players and system in place. It's worked in New England for many years and it is a proven blueprint for him. I hope he learned from his last stint as a HC in Denver on not what to do, but only time will tell.

    Whether how Garoppolo or whoever is at QB performs means nothing in regard to if we should have kept Carr. He wasn't the right QB for this team, this system and this defense. He had his chance, nine years of it, that's more than can be asked for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vioraider View Post
    Completely disagree. You and some others told me Carr was the issue. He wasn’t. Garropolo is a DOWNGRADE even if he’s 100%. He’s definitely NOT 100%. There was nothing added to move the needle. Downgrade the qb, and sign an injured player at 7. I think the TE is improved. The rest is horseshit. Improved? Nope.
    Carr was such ass last year all by himself he was a bottom 5 QB. I dont think JG will be a bottom 5 QB so I see him as an upgrade easily over the last turd. However if JG proves to be ass himself, I wont be pining over him for 9 fking years defending him.

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    I believe McDaniels and likely Zeigler have bet their jobs on Garropolo not only playing, but playing well. Right now, Garropolo is suppose to be ready to go for training camp.
    The season is a huge question mark.

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    Hard to make an argument for JG staying healthy for a full year when the reality shows only one full season, and almost one other. Everything else injury plagued. Plus starting the season already injured with a serious foot issue is not a great way to inspire more hope. One good, awkward tackle on it, and we start over at QB. Or, in his case, one good awkward shot anywhere, and it we start over. Maybe the foot is fine, but he gets hurt somewhere else. Anything beyond 8 games is a bonus with him.

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    when carr is openly apologizing to raiders,coaches and fans "you know damn well he played like shit"

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    Every NFL player who goes on the field is one awkward hit from never playing again. Surgery to correct broken bones should give you more confidence than surgery to repair ligaments as broken bones typically heal back to normal while ligaments functioning as before is a crapshoot.

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