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Thread: QB issues resolved. Carr, Brady and ?

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    Aaron Rodgers contract numbers from Vinny Bonsignore:
    If the Raiders traded for Aaron Rodgers, he would represent a $15.79M cap hit for 2023. From a cash perspective, his 2023 salary would be $1.165 million base salary and a $58.3 million option bonus.

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    If he's the move then it's time to see if Mark Davis really has cash sitting around to pay players lol (I never bought those stories)

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnkr View Post
    carr still has that no trade clause that can kill any trade the raiders can get for carr.
    yes but does he wanna be a backup for 2 yrs vs being a starter

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    Carr would rather get traded than cut. He won't get top money if he's a free agent. If he's traded he keeps his current deal.

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