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Thread: State of the Raiders

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    State of the Raiders

    With the retirment of Tom Brady, to all you geniuses who wanted him and said he was your succession plan, including you Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler, NOW WHAT?????? I didn't like the plan from the get go. From an age standpoint and from a history standpoint as well. We don't need to re-live the snow job or all the scandals Brady was part of with the NE Patriots, to understand why over half the entire Raider Nation, didn't want Brady anywhere near the Raiders!

    For arguement sake, Brady reneged on his retirment last year. And you've all heard me say before, anything and everything is possible with the game of professional football. But with Brady being divorced and his kids now living on the east coast, this added up with Tom will be 46 years old next season, the pipe dream many of you had of Tom Brady coming to the Raiders is apparently over!!! And if any of you call yourself a die hard Raiders fan and wanted Tom Brady to be the Raiders QB and replace Derek Carr, you all should be absolutely and utterly ashamed of yourselves!!!! Now get your ass outta here!!!

    I've said from the beginining, there isn't a better option out there than Derek Carr. The one scenario that made some sense, was Brady for a year with Stidham or a young drafted QB, backing him up to learn and develop in the game of football. That was the best of a bunch of worse case scenarios involving moving on from DC and replacing him moving forward.

    How does this decision affect the Raiders? For starters, if this indeed was your succession plan Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler, here's a towel to wipe the dozen eggs that were just thrown in your face!

    If there is no turning back from a trade, becuase you've now painted yourself into a corner, this decision does indeed drive up Derek Carr's trade value even further. Carr was already the best option out there for a veteran QB, and quite frankly, if you want to roll the dice in the draft, good luck, because you're going to need it! And with Tom Brady off the market, if he wasn't going to Vegas, my sources told me he was going to the Jets, staying in Tampa, or even SF with their injuries to all of their QB's was an option. With Brady now retired, that's one less QB teams now have as an option. DC's trade value was already high, and now it just went through the roof!

    DC was and still is the best option for not only the Raiders, but for any team looking for a franchise, legit top 10 QB in the NFL! Reality has got to be setting in with Mark, Dave, and Josh, that DC is and was still the best option at QB for the Raiders. Can they salvage it? This remains to be seen.

    To the report the Raiders could 'squat' on DC. I again reported to all of you who were hung up on the Feb 15 deadline date pertaining to DC's contract, who were saying the Raiders would have to get something done with a trade or they would be forced to release DC by Feb 15. Remember that? I reported to you contracts are adjusted all the time and in some cases re-written, and not to get hung up on the Feb 15th date. This report backs it up.

    What does throw a bit of a wrench into this strategy, is Derek Carr being selected to the Pro-Bowl. While Carr wasn't deserving of the honor this year, mainly because of Josh McDaniels, Carr was very deserving in past seasons, and didn't get in. So justice is served! My 'information gatherers' reported to me at our staff meeting last night, that Ziegler and McDaniels don't want DC participating in any Pro-Bowl activities. Yes it's flag football, but freak injuries do happen. If Carr were to be injured, Carr's trade value would plummet. There would be questions as to how Carr's contract would be paid too. Carr getting injured would be a nightmare scenario.

    Who can remember Pats RB Robert Edwards getting injured at the Pro-Bowl 20 plus years ago in a flag football game?

    Or Teddy Bridgwater sustaining an horrific knee injury from a simple drop back pass (No contact) in practice?

    I'm told Ziegler and McDaniels are nervous and don't want to take any risk, therefore, this could speed up the trade process involving DC, and a deal could be announced sometime this week, before
    Pro-Bowl weekend.

    I reported to all of you early in the process, that the Saints were in the race for the services of DC. I also reported that there was an auction taking place to acquire DC's services. The Saints after completeing the trade for Sean Payton, now have a more clear and substantial offer on the table for DC after getting back a first and second rounder for Payton. I reported a trade package could include a player or two for a trade for Derek Carr as well. Right now, the Saints are 57 million over the cap. So in order to make a DC trade work, restructurings, player releases, and player trades would need to happen to make things work. There are definitely some Saints players that would look good in Silver and Black. Stay tuned.

    Add all this up, and the Colts and Arizona need to shit, or get off the pot. If Arizona or the Colts were to hire Brian Callahan, both teams would have interest in DC. Callahan and Carr worked together with the Raiders and are said to have a great relationship. Kyler Murray is injured and is a 'Prima Donna', and he's expensive. His leadership has come into question as well. Biscassia remains in play for the Colts too. But these teams need to make a hire and figure it out fast. Again, if Ziegler and McDaniels fear Carr at the Pro-Bowl being injured, they will want to make a deal quicker than normally planned.

    To the report that the Raiders have not given Carr and his agent permission to seek a trade. My sources tell me this could mean one of 2 things. 1. Ziegler doesn't need Carr's agent to help him find a trade. All Carr and his agent have to do is say 'Yes' to one of many teams who are interested in trading for Derek Carr. Ziegler will handle to particluars in terms of trade compensation. Once Carr and his agent have agreed to Carr's destinations, and once Ziegler makes the trade, then Carr and his agent can talk about contracts and things of that nature.

    The other theory is reality is starting to set in with Mark, Dave, and Josh. And that reality is that Derek Carr was and is the best option out there, and they are having second and third thoughts about moving on from the best QB the Raiders have ever had. Brady retiring has now given them more thoughts and trepidation.

    I've stated from the start, this is a huge mistake by Josh, Dave, and Mark. I still believe that. DC should be and has deserved to be the Raiders QB for his entire career. And if Carr was so hurt by all of this, why is he putting the Raiders uniform back on for the Pro-Bowl? Or is he? Or are things being mended as we speak?

    If there is no going back, like I said, they better get this right. Because if Carr and his new team are competeing for Super Bowls, and Ziegler and McDaniels have struck out with their succession plan, like many of you already have, compounded by no Raiders fans coming to the home games anymore, fans will not only be calling for the firings of Dave and Josh, but they will be calling for Mark Davis to sell the team.

    This is high stakes poker my friends. Derek Carr accepting the invite to the Pro-Bowl and saying goodbye to the Raider Nation shows he's all in. Do you call or fold Dave & Josh? The move is yours!

    F.I.B. Savior

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    I read your first paragraph and and didn't bother with the rest.

    Where is the evidence that McDaniels and Ziegler's only plan was to sign Tom Brady?

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    You can’t argue with the Clown’s “sources”. He already accused me in another thread of being a proponent of Brady, which I’ve never said. He’s got no clue and doesn’t know anything about it other than that he’s butthurt about losing Derek Carr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    I read your first paragraph and and didn't bother with the rest.

    Where is the evidence that McDaniels and Ziegler's only plan was to sign Tom Brady?
    Maybe you should! You just might learn something!

    You do realize Brady is still under contract by the Bucs until March 15th, right? So if McDaniels and Ziegler came out and name Brady by name, it would be tampering, right? I suppose you want what happened to the Dolphins to happen the Raiders, don't you?!?!?!?

    It's crazy, I have to hold your pathetic little hand and explain everything to you pertaining to the Raiders and professional football, like I would have to with a kindergarden kid.

    I'm giving you this spot on commentary and information from my most trusted sources for free! I should start charging your ass!!!!!

    Now do me a favor, and stop acting like a Jackass like your buddy Vio, and try bringing some value to the board!

    F.I.B. Savior

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    The only value you bring is clown show comedy. Here in a couple of months, when the draft is over, you’ll anoint this team A++++++ and world champions and DISAPPEAR like the coward you are

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    Why hasn't FIB been hired by The Athletic yet? I do enjoy how easy it is for Fib Tafur to say outlandish things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    Why hasn't FIB been hired by The Athletic yet? I do enjoy how easy it is for Fib Tafur to say outlandish things.
    Three points.

    1 Glad Brady is retired. He isn’t the same player.
    2 Glad we’ve moved on from Carr.
    3 FIB is an idiot who knows nothing about player personnel, player value or strategy to build a successful franchise.

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    Anyone who gives every draft and every player an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ isn't worth reading. I just skip his shit and move to the comments after. His crap is mind numbing.

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    Hopefully Brady retiring makes Carr more valuable in a trade. Add the Bucs to the teams needing a QB now.

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    Now FIB is having staff meetings with his trusted sources. You truly are a jewel. You are entertaining....I'll give you that.

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