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Thread: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

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    ^^ Yeah, that's another concern for me as well. He has the capability but does he have the ability to do it regularly? Will he be comfortable doing it? I am glad he showed something different in that Georgia game but at the same time it was just one game and part of a gameplan to take advantage of their aggressive defense. It was working but I still have questions.

    If we're taking a QB in the top 7 then it has to be him or Young as I don't like any other QB that high. I think McDaniels can make Stroud's talents work for his offense. I won't be thrilled but I will give him a chance. I think Young is super polished and ready to start day 1. The concerns on his size are legitimate but his pocket awareness will help him avoid getting hit often, imo.

    Now, if we trade Carr and get a 1st round pick this year then they can take whoever they really want at QB in the 1st round as long as we get a good player with the extra 1st round pick. I won't be mad at all if it's a development guy.

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    I’m really not pumped on any of these QBs for many of the reasons you said grange. It’s looking like TB and a youngster to be his understudy for a year or two.

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    Yeah, no foolproof QB in this draft, tbh. They all have legitimate concerns and are guys you really need to trust your coaching. With the season McDaniels just had, no fan is going to back him to be successful and develop a QB. The public backlash is going to be high. Lol

    I agree, Tom Brady makes the most sense, is the best fit, and let's hope we draft a guy to to be ready. Stidham looked alright but he was way too careless with the ball and I don't think he's a long term solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    CJ Stroud had a good game until Marvin Harrison Jr got hurt. He had 29 yards passing after Harrison left the game and they only managed to score a field goal as well. That's what concerns me. I don't want another QB who needs everything to be perfect to be effective.
    harrison owning ringo is why i don't him at pick 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    harrison owning ringo is why i don't him at pick 7
    Watch this analysis by ex NFL QB Josh McKown. Stroud compared to Burrow.

    What I like is how fast he processes and makes good, quick decisions.

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    What Ohio State QB has ever done anything in the pros? Risky pick. And how do you think Davante would feel about playing with an inexperienced rookie QB? It was reported, Davante will have input.

    F.I.B. Savior

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    i know for a fact adams would be happier then shit if we traded for aaron rodgers and traded carr off for picks

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post
    Watch this analysis by ex NFL QB Josh McKown. Stroud compared to Burrow.

    What I like is how fast he processes and makes good, quick decisions.
    nice break down it

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    nice break down it
    I found it interesting.

    One thing I like about him is he throws the ball a good “click” before Carr usually does. He anticipates a receiver being open much better that Carr. Also his ball placement, at least in this game, was superb. He put the ball where his receiver could catch it, but the defender had no chance. Watching this analysis, especially when he was under pressure, I thought that Carr would have definitely been sacked on the same play. Instead, Stroud broke away and completed the pass. In this game, at least, Stroud looked “Brady-esk.”

    This made me think about Stroud more. Better mobility than Carr. Better anticipation than Carr. Better ball placement than Carr. And Stroud may have the stronger arm.
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    Only way we get CJ is by moving up. We are talking major draft capitol. Must fix the defense and oline.

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