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Thread: So what's the succession plan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post
    Here’s why the Raiders are moving on.

    They have paid Carr about $150M over nine years for two winning seasons, two playoff appearances and a consistent losing team. His contract average is $40M, one of the top 7 contracts for QBs in the league. He has regressed in terms of his performance in the red zone and he has one of the league’s worst completion percentage in the red zones, at least the past two years under two different systems. His passing yards to TD pass ratio was among the best in the league ore-injury, but has been among the worst since then.

    McDaniels and Zeigler came in thinking that Carr was going to be “their guy,” but his performance this season showed them Carr’s glaring flaws.

    In short, on a scale from elite QBs to average QBs that are a dime a dozen, where does Carr’s performance lie? He’s much closer to average than elite, when you examine his performance closely.

    So, what is a stronger team, an average QB paid $40M per year, tying up a large percentage of your cap, or an average QB paid commensurate with his performance on the field with the money freed up to add two or three top-tier free agents?

    I think the plan is to rebuild this team, perhaps with Stidham starting the season with Jacobs re-signed, our defense rebuilt and our offensive line strengthened, while drafting a QB in the late first or early second round to groom for the position.
    Carr was paid fair market value. That's the going rate for a top 10 QB. And with the 32nd ranked defense on average backing Carr up ever since he was drafted, Joe Montana wasn't going to win under these circumstances, or anyone else for that matter.

    How much of the red zone isssues had to do with the play caller, O-line, and officiating? More than you think.

    Before Carr regressed under McDaniels, his average season was 66%, over 4,000 yards, and a 25 to 10 TD to INT ratio. And you are calling Carr average? I can name 10 QB needy teams who would love to have your definition of average, if not more.

    So if I'm reading this correctly, you are saying the succession plan is to re-sign Stidham, and draft a guy in the late 2nd round to be the guy in the future? Notice I said Stidham is a FA. If they tell Stidham he is the starter, he is going to want starter money. And in terms of Carr's deal, the contract was written to move dollars around in the future to give the team flexibility, so the theory of Carr crippling the cap is far fetched to say the least.

    I like Stidham, but a 2 game sample size to say he is the guy is risky. And again, drafting a QB is a complete crap shoot. Like I said, they better be right, or their will be serious consquences in terms of fan support and attendance.

    So far your succession plan is a big risk, and IMO, not worth the risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaider View Post
    Carr a decent QB, he has never been great but if he did have a defense to back him; he might have had a better career with the raiders with more wins...

    Basically the raiders need to start over and that drafting a QB, and if it Richardson who is not ready for the NFL; then I will still be happy with the pick...

    One thing that scare me is that Mark Davis will go after Tom Brady in which I would not be happy with as I think his playing days are near the end...

    Carr has too many incredible stats to be called decent. His leadership and character are elite too. Again, no defense and the biased officiating made it hard to win.

    Richardson from UF? That's your plan? Crap shoot pick. They better be right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garner25 View Post
    You mean when the defense held the Rams to 3 points going into the 4th quarter? Then the bed shitting QB threw for one first down and 10 yards the entire 4th quarter and hung them out to dry...
    Carr had been one of the best 4th quarter QB's in NFL history. McDaniels is to blame for the regression. Look at all the blown leads under his coaching. NFL record. And if the refs make one proper call on the last drive, the game is over and we are probably not having this discussion right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garner25 View Post
    You mean when the defense held the Rams to 3 points going into the 4th quarter? Then the bed shitting QB threw for one first down and 10 yards the entire 4th quarter and hung them out to dry...
    dont forget the pitt game "which was even worse" cause good ole dc went blind and couldn't throw straight

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    I would take Mac Jones over Carr

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    Carrs career averages for a season are 24 TDs, 3911 yards, 10 INTs, and a 64.6 completion percentage. This year those numbers would rank 12, 10th, 10th, and 20th respectively. Scoring was down this year as well. On average from 2016-2021, Carrs ranks would be 14th, 13th, 10th, and 19th in those categories respectively. Those are average numbers. Carr has a losing record when his team gives up 20 points or less (18-19). He has been one of the worst qualifying QBs in the red zone through 3 different regimes. Play calling? Gruden called the plays and Carr was terrible down there....must mean Gruden wasn't a good play caller. I saw a great breakdown of Carr recently and they referred to him as "cpin flip Carr." Why? Because he is just as likely to give you an elite game as he is a shit game. He is just as likely to throw for 3 touchdowns in a game as he is to throw for 0. Wanna know how many QBs fit that narrative since Carr entered the league....just one....Derek Carr.

    Derek Carr wasn't THE problem with the Raiders but he was a problem. We weren't even gonna get to where we wanted to go without a top 5 defense and Carr has been regressing since the middle of last year. Good luck to him but I suspect he won't do anything special unless he somehow lands on the 49ers.

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    As I've said before....who gives a fuck who we go with next? was 6-11 good enough for you? The main thing for me is to just have us move on. 9 fuckin' years is long enough. We lost to the Colts in LV for Christ sake. The marriage is DONE. OVER. Lets move on and everybody get over it! Let's roll the dice and at least try to kick some ass! The problem is most of you scabs are stuck in neutral and have accepted mediocrity. Mahomes is owning our bitch asses! I for one fully endorse the idea of trying to get better. Bye DC. Good luck elsewhere...and I really mean that.

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    "Top 10 QB".......ROFLMAO

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    He’s gone, nuff said, next subject

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