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Thread: Raiders may not have to face Aaron Donald

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    Raiders may not have to face Aaron Donald

    Aaron Donald suffered a high ankle strain on Sunday. He is already ruled out for next Sunday and McVay has not ruled out putting him on IR for the rest of the season.

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    He was talking about retirement before the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shuts it down

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    Rams are down this year. Kupp is gone as well. Going to take another tumble down the draft board.

    Don't get me wrong, it's great to win, a 2 day party....but come Tuesday and a look at the draft standings.....

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    I don’t care one bit about the draft right now. I want to see them battle all the way

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    win this week, then beat the rams and were at 6 wins

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    Man i really hope the Raiders keep building this momentum of learning /pulling out wins by the end of each game, stacking wins, building confidence, control, and progressing more and more each week 1 week at a time leading up to the Pats Raiders game on December 18th.. with hopefully Renfrow and Waller back healthy (along with Nate Hobbs) showing that they finally understanding (are comfortable) with McDaniels offense.
    I am traveling to Vegas / Allegiant from the 15th thru 19th of December and will absolutely love it if the Rsidrrs are on an incredible win streak at the time as they continue to click and play the type of football we were all expecting after preseason ended and thr aeason kicked off... we shall. I cant fucking wait as im a little over 2 weeks away til im flying out to Vegas from Jacksonville FL. Anyone else here gonna be at that game? McDaniels vs his mentor Bellichick... oh man!!!!

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