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Thread: Darren Waller Says He And Carr Have Cleared The Air

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    I can tell by the way you type on this forum.

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    Internet forum bets are hilarious.

    I'll let y'all know when my GOS meter registers anything regarding who posts or doesnt lol.

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    No way, man. Internet forum bets are serious business, xram!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    no way, man. Internet forum bets are serious business, xram!!

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    You know, before youre able to get back out there playing the game, you got to be able to add a workload of a week of practice, and I was able to go out there Wednesday and then Thursday came where I was doing a good load on my legs two days in a row, Waller said. It was hard for me to put multiple days together and so I was close, I made it through all the practice but there was a deep play where I went downfield and I had to do a couple of extra digs to get to a deep pass in one-on-ones, and just kind of tightened back up on me. My body just wasnt ready to go yet. And so thats what prompted them putting me on IR, so it just allowed me a chance to get healthy and be able to give all I got with the team that we have left in the season.

    For his part, Waller isnt thrilled with how his season has gone. Hes been very frustrated with the recovery process and wants to get back on the field with his teammates.

    Yeah, definitely, definitely frustrating, wanting to be out there and just be one of the guys, be a teammate, be a friend out there with those guys and just be in the battle, Waller said. I want to be out there. And I know that with my presence, I provide a lot. So definitely nothing exciting about being in the situation Im in, but Id have to just change my mindset, my perspective. How do I continue to grow in this time? How can I continue to add value to this teams organization, to people one on one when I have conversations with seeing if I can encourage them in any way? So yes, it was for sure a frustrating process, and Im just looking forward to getting back out there.

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