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Thread: A return of Chucky?!?!?!?!?

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    A return of Chucky?!?!?!?!?

    Good day to you Nation! Crazy times in Raiderland for sure. Reading between the lines, it appears that McDaniels may have lost the locker room. To the poor play, to team leaders sending cryptic messages at pressers airing their frustrations with the coaching, to the mid-season release of Abram, to the abrupt retirement of Blake Marteniz, to Renfrow and Waller both being put on IR within minutes of each other during this past week.

    Bottom line is McDaniels has taken over a playoff team and with more added talent has made it worse. Even former players are calling out McDaniels.

    Nation, this simply does not look good or smell smell good at all. It appears the team has lost faith in Josh, and are simply checking out. If McDaniels indeed loses to Jeff Saturday with no NFL coaching experience, with a 30 year old play caller calling the plays for the first time in his life, with a back-up QB iunder center, with the Colts missing several key pieces, I don't know how McDaniels survives this. Especially if he has indeed lost the locker room.

    If he were to be let go, who on staff is worthy getting the interim tag for the rest of the season? Graham, Mic Lombardi, Rob Ryan? They question IMHO is NO ONE!

    Enter Jon Gruden.

    Gruden who BTW is winning the legal procedings vs the NFL right now. Nothing has gone the NFL's way so far, and if this goes to court, many people are going to be exposed and many more reputations will be damaged. Other NFL people will lose jobs over this if it indeed goes to court, including Roger Goodell! The NFL does not want this to happen.

    Gruden winning the legal proceedings so far, could be an in and is the first clue that tells me a return could indeed happen with the Raiders!

    Clue #2 is Gruden himself has stated publically that he wants another shot at coaching.

    Clue #3 is Gruden's agent stating he thinks Gruden will coach again!

    Clue #4 is after the embarrassing loss to the Saints a couple of weeks ago, I personally sent Jon Gruden an encouraging text message. I'm not going to share the text we exchanged, but the gist was I was praying for his well being and a return to the Silver and Black! Gruden did indeed respond, and his words made me feel like this could indeed happen!

    Clue #5 is this article I just read on written on Nov 12 by Mike Florio. Say what you want about Florio. The guy is well connected, has a very successful pro football website, and has an weekly appearance on NBC's Football Night in America. Florio knows NFL people. Period!

    Bottom line is Chucky is my all time favorite Raiders coach! Chucky is the Raiders! I'm not going to speculate on what Gruden might have said in these emails, because I have not read them and I also don't know who allegedly leaked them. If you are telling me Daniel Snyder was the culprit in the releasing of these emails, is this a man you can trust? Emails may have been altered and forged to hurt Gruden as much as it could and did.

    To date, the Josh McDaniels hiring has been a disaster. Chucky had us rolling before sh*t hit the fan. Let's say Chucky did send some of these emails. I don't believe he meant anything in what he might have said. He made a mistake. Gruden as Carr has said himslf, 'He loves the man, but hates the sin'. If there is anyone and any place that a man deserves a second chance, that person would be Jon Gruden and that place would be 'Sin City'!

    Just sharing what I know and think on the state of the Raiders and where we could be going. The next clue will be the outcome of today's game vs the Colts. Lose to the Colts, and this dream could become a reality, sooner rather than later!

    Bring Chucky Home!

    Go Raiders and in Jon Gruden I trust!

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    Bro, u do realize that one of the reasons we are so bad right now is due to the horrendous, and I mean HORRENDOUS drafting that took place under Gruden? I don't know what is worse? McDaniels head coaching or Grudens drafting... get outta here with that shit
    No one wants Gruden back... we need a Sean Payton or a Jim Haebaugh. Neither one is happening

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    No way I want Gruden back, Raiders going ass backwards if they bring Gruden back, just like when they brought back Art Shell, it was a disaster.

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    There is about a -150% chance that happens, sorry but gruden, like him or hate him will never coach the Raiders again.

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    Jon Gruden drafted Alex Leatherwood
    in the first round last year; he not even
    on the raiders roster….Gruden might work
    if he had GM as his boss and the GM did his
    own drafting…..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaider View Post
    Jon Gruden drafted Alex Leatherwood
    in the first round last year; he not even
    on the raiders roster….Gruden might work
    if he had GM as his boss and the GM did his
    own drafting…..
    Alex Leatherwood, Clelin Ferrell, Jonathan Abrams, Damon Arnette.. Henry Ruggs (eventhough Ruggs was actually a talented SOB who was really coming on, but will rot in prison for being a careless selfish dumb fuck), Tanner Muse, Lynn Bowden, PJ Hall...

    I mean cmon, my mother couldve and wouldve drafted much much better than Gruden did in every single draft Gruden was a part of. Look back to what he did in Tampa Bay after taking on that uber talented SuperBowl team that Dungy assembled.
    He drafted like a hershey squirt each year thereafter winning the Suoerbowl and made that team into a mediocre (at best) football team til he was let go.
    Gruden is definitely NOT the answer..
    FiB couldve at least said bring back Bissacia and i wouldve reasoned with that..

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    Same ol dumb ass that still don’t know shit.

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    Sent him a text….. MY ASS

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    Quote Originally Posted by vioraider View Post
    sent him a text….. My ass

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    Where’s all of the “In McDaniels I trust”F lowing I n B ullshit? You’re a fucking clown.

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