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Thread: The Enigma that is Derek Carr

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post
    will say that if we give Derek Carr a clean pocket with the best offensive line in the league, he can lead us to victory.

    The truth is that with a clean pocket, nearly every QB in the league will complete 75% of his passes and throw for over 4,000 yards. These guys are pros.

    What separates the good from the great are the ability to move in the pocket to buy time so that he has an extra half second or runs for first downs; the ability to go through reads quickly so that a good decision can be made before the rush arrives; the ability to anticipate when players will come open, in effect throwing receivers open; the killer instinct to pour it on when ahead, a go for the jugular mentality.

    At all four, Carr struggles.

    These are a few of the major reasons why we have not won consistently. This is why Carr struggles in the red zone. This is why we always seem to play a one score game. This is why we cannot seem to keep a lead.
    absolute truth 100%, this is why i call him dark cloud 9 yrs of this crap and still we have a lot of raiderfans defending dark cloud, zero playoff wins, 2 appearances, no winning of any kind but dark cloud is worth over 200 million dollars

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    I laugh when I read a post that says,

    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    absolute truth 100%, this is why i call him dark cloud 9 yrs of this crap and still we have a lot of raiderfans defending dark cloud, zero playoff wins, 2 appearances, no winning of any kind but dark cloud is worth over 200 million dollars
    "We can't replace Carr! Who would we get?"

    OK, let's look at some numbers.

    I consider Jared Goff to be an average QB. He was traded to the Lions because the Rams wanted an upgrade over him -- and then they won a Super Bowl with Matt Stafford. Yes, Goff is playing on a contract that pays him an average of $33.5M, a contract he signed when he was considered to be elite. He won't get that contract again and may actually be released this offseason if the Lions draft a QB. Carr's contract pays him an average of $40.5 million.

    Carr has passed for 2,730 yards. Goff has passed for 2,682. Carr has thrown for 18 TDs. Goff has passed for 17. Carr has thrown 7 interceptions. Goff has thrown for 7, also. Carr has completed 63% of his passes, while Goff has completed 63.7. Carr has passed for 127 first downs while Goff has passed for 133. Interestingly, Carr has passed for first downs on 32.6% of his passes, while Goff has passed for first downs on 36.5% of his passes.

    Jared Goff has a better rating -- 93.4 to 92.2.

    So, at worst Jared Goff would be equal to and perhaps a little better than Carr, with $7 million in cap savings.

    Geno Smith, who is earning only $3.5M on a 1 year contract.

    He's completed 72.8% of his passes, with 19 TDs and only 5 INTs. He's thrown for first downs on 38.2% of his passes, and he has a rating of 107.9, which is 15.9 points higher than Carr's 92.2.

    Geno Smith, on this contract, would definitely be an upgrade and would save us $37M (comparing average annual compensation).

    Will Geno Smith be with Seattle next year? Maybe. Maybe not. If he leaves, he will likely get a much larger contract, likely in the $15M to $20M per year, which is probably the going rate for older quarterbacks who are good but not elite.

    Every year, two or three quarterbacks become available. And these players, typically on one or two-year year contracts, often perform better than a few quarterbacks who have guaranteed money on multi-year contracts.

    In today's NFL it isn't just about having an average QB; it's about getting value for every dollar you spend. The teams that do this the best and draft the best are able to build a quality team. Teams that overpay at any position are handicapped with the cap. Carr handicaps our ability to upgrade the rest of the roster.

    If you remember, the Raiders signed Rich Gannon in 1999 as a free agent. He was drafted by the Patriots, traded to the Vikings, before he played for the Redskins and Chiefs. He was not considered to be a great quarterback when he was drafted and in fact was asked to transition to running back by the Patriots. He balked and was traded.

    Carr can't be replaced? Bullshit. Carr is an average to slightly above average QB in a league when every team is looking for an elite QB. In the right system, a QB can succeed, as we saw with Gannon. Gannon was the perfect fit for Gruden's West Coast offense, as he could run the ball, make quick decisions and was accurate. He was also tough as nails and demanded perfection from his teammates. Perfect fit.

    Carr just isn't a good fit in McDaniels' system and never will be. To be successful in this system, a QB must be able to move in the pocket to buy time, must make good, quick reads and be very accurate. He must also be able to go through his progressions very quickly and anticipate where to put the ball before players are actually open. A QB in McDaniels' system must throw players open and put the ball where only the offensive player can make the catch -- not the defender. Brady was a maestro in this system and even Mac Jones was capable of running this offense. Brady was tough as nails and was able to put the ball in the right place nearly every time when he was with the Patriots, avoiding sacks with last-second, pinpoint throws to the right read.

    Carr, on the other hand, lacks pocket awareness, doesn't sense pressure and can't move in the pocket with any consistency to buy time. He is also slow making reads and lacks the ability to anticipate consistently when and where to throw the ball before the receiver comes open. It's just who Carr is and he will never change sufficiently to be proficient in this system.

    That's how I see it, and I think you see this, too, mstrbass2000. You and I have watched enough Raider football over the years to know when a QB has "it" and when a QB doesn't have it. Carr doesn't have it.
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    If Carr is replaced, I believe it would have to be with a vet QB. I don't see a QB in this years draft that is worth a first round pick. Especially for the Raiders,
    who have way too many other needs.

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    Carr supporters:

    Afraid to move on because it will mean getting a worse QB than Carr
    Afraid to move on because it will mean having losing seasons
    Defense is the reason we are losing
    Head coach is the reason we are losing
    Content with the status quo
    Carr has no #1 WR (in the past)
    Carr does not have a good O-line
    Carr doesn't have the go ahead to make own decisions on plays
    Finding an elite QB is slim to none

    Carr realists:

    Willing to take a chance on moving on from Carr because Carr has shown he doesn't have what it takes.
    Willing to do what needs to be done to get the Raiders to the SB, not just win a few games here and there.
    Realize the only way to build a good defense is to free up money by cutting Carr
    O-line has given Carr more than enough time to get rid of the ball
    Carr is underthrowing, overthrowing, throwing too high, too low this season. Uncharacteristic admittingly.
    Doesn't help his O-line by running a few times a game consistently.
    Realize that paying that much to a QB who does what a game manager type QB can do.
    Carr's fear of throwing interceptions are so great it hampers his ability to make quick decisions especially in the red zone where quick decisions are needed.
    Locks on to one receiver where defenders are keying in on watching Carr to make their decisions. Can see this on the walk off TD to Adams.
    Fumbles way too easily for an NFL QB.
    Not satisfied with barely having winning seasons or less
    Willing to take chances with roster moves even if it could mean more losing seasons because with Carr it will be more losing seasons or barely squeaking by.

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    We get rid of Carr we win a championship. Carr is holding back an avalanche. If only we could rid ourselves of Carr…. Yeah right.

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    We’ll just run right out and draft a franchise qb and dynasties are in order

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    It’s amazing how you think getting a top notch Qb is easy or a given. I DONT see one this year

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    staying pat with derek carr (dark cloud) and staying around .500,missing the playoffs or exiting 1st rd of the playoffs is like beating your head against a brick wall over n over again, moving on and getting a youngster while fraught with risk is well worth the try cause you are freeing up space to build a quality team on offense/defense if the rookie fails you move on and it doesn't kill you on cap and you can try again eventually you will find the answer while sporting a strong team everywhere and move beyond .500 and get past rd 1 of the playoffs

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    Bryce Young is already better in the pocket than Carr and he can actually move around the pocket too.

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    chief did it witht heir version of derek carr "alex smith" drafted a youngster in mahomes while building a strong team all around and won everything,the rams moved on a jared goff whom was a top 10 qb whom went to the super bowl and mulitple playoffs wins into rd 2 and championships, guess what they moved on and upgraded to matt stafford and won a championship, seattle built a strong defensive team and strong running game and drafted russell wilson, guess what they won a super bowl and went to another one, dolphins drafted tua and built the team while he was on his rookie deal and added offensive elite pieces and are contending,philly drafted jalen hurts and moved on from carson wentz a top draft picks a few yrs later and are now contending, new blood is needed in RAIDERLAND we need to move off of dark cloud in order to rise !!!

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