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Thread: Kaepernicks AGENT Responds To Sapp Comments

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    Kaepernicks AGENT Responds To Sapp Comments

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    And why exactly... would the lawyer assume Sapp would want Cumminick on an NFL team? That is an odd thing to say.

    Another example of a white dude telling a black dude how he is supposed to think, the weirdest most acceptable racism that is so common among these weirdo liberals. May as well have channeled his inner Biden "he aint black if he dont like Kaepernick!" When are people going to wake up to the condescending shit these guys are constantly spewing.

    On a side note, Sapp was clearly just using common sense and had no insider information. Hes not wrong on this one, why has no one offered him shit? Why isnt Jeff Neeley... pushing this amazing work out video if it was so hot? Because it wasnt lol.

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    common sense, if kaep had done well this shit would have blown up 24/7 in the sports and national media but because it was a crap workout nada

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    Kaepernick's agent just brought a lot more attention to Sapp's comments. The story is now all over the media.
    Sapp is a seven-time Pro Bowler who has a Super Bowl ring and Hall of Fame jacket. I'd say he knows more about football compared to Kaepernick's agent.

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