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Thread: Miami Road Trip Nov 5rd.

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    Miami Road Trip Nov 5rd.

    Lots of activities being planned. Have a hookup for tickets but you might have to act fast on these. There is a Raiders Rally Road Trip group that is in the process of lining up tickets, hotels etc... I will keep you posted.

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    Info on hotels, tickets and activities coming very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raider ran View Post
    Info on hotels, tickets and activities coming very soon.
    I am excited about this game.. later in season, and driving range

  4. #4 Most of the groups are staying in Hollywood Florida. Tickets came and went fast sorry.

    Join the group if your are interested. Staying at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Hotel Information on activities coming soon so get in if you can.
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    Still some upper and lower level tickets available for the game. Hit me up if interested they are through the Dolphins fan club so you will need to pay up front. Lower level corner are $250 each upper level corner are $90 each

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    Most of the tickets are gone so you will have to do Stub Hub...Sorry

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    Anyone making this trip. We are staying at the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood Beach and have a ton of Activities planned along with a day trip to the Bahamas.
    **************************HOTELS****************** *******
    The Hotel that we have picked is pretty awesome! It is a RESORT that's RIGHT ON THE BEACH in Hollywood, Florida! This resort will be our official gathering place, where we will have buses set up to take you our select Events and to the Raiders vs Dolphins Game!
    It is a beautiful location and mere STEPS away from the beach & a host of amazing restaurants and bars...a beach boardwalk connects EVERYTHING!
    It's The Road Trip Rally Party Blog!

    All Things About The Annual Road Trip Rally Party! And, a few musings on happenings regarding the Oakland Raiders, the NFL, and fans of the sport.

    Thursday, July 20, 2017

    The Miami 2017 Road Trip Rally Party...Sign up NOW!

    Hello, Road Trippers!

    I hope everyone is feeling good today. I hope that this Miami announcement for HOTEL and ACTIVITIES will bring a smile to your face!

    Our Events for the 2017 Miami Road Trip Rally Party are finalized and ready for you to sign up! We have found a good range of activities for you to do, all to give you a good feel for the local vibe there!

    I should mention that our discounted tickets to the football game, Raiders vs Dolphins, are sold out.

    **November 2nd -thru- November 5th, 2017 is when it all happens!**
    Our Hotel, the Margaritaville Resort, is right on the beach! And all of our plans for you are within a short walk or a 2-minute Lyft/Uber ride away. Hey, we even have big tour buses available to bring you to the Raiders vs Dolphins game on Sunday!

    Check out the infographic here for details. Clicking it will link you directly to our website where you may purchase tickets for these events. Raider Nation from all across the country have attended our annual Road Trips for the past several years, and you are certainly welcome to come join in with us! For our Margaritaville Hotel, please follow these instructions to register:


    • Contact CINDY at (800)991-0623, extension 101. Be sure to tell her that you want to be on the ROAD TRIP RALLY PARTY's boat on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017.
    • The price is $132.76 (one hundred & thirty-two dollars & seventy-six cents) per person, which includes all port fees & taxes.
    • You may upgrade to a first-class seat if you wish. Cindy will let you know the price to do this.
    • Cindy will ask you for your Passport number because...

    ...this is an INTERNATIONAL boat trip. You are traveling to another country. You will need a valid passport , one that does not expire within the 6 months of our trip (before June 2018.)

    • U.S. CITIZENS: You may use an original copy of your birth certificate (no photo copies) along with a valid government I.D. If you do this, you will need to present both of these documents without the other will prevent you from boarding the boat.
    • NON-U.S. CITIZENS: You may be required to use the passport of your home country and/or a visa. Cindy can let you know; you will not be allowed to board the boat in Florida if you do not have the correct documentation/permission to re-enter the United States.

    • The Bahamas Ferry is a high-speed boat that will get us there in about 2.5 hours (photo above)...we have to show up at the Ft. Lauderdale terminal at 6am for passport processing.

    • The boat departs at 8:00am and returns to the U.S. at 11:00pm.

    Raider !!
    Lots of things to do on the island. This promises to be a really cool thing that we can do together. :-)

    See you in November! And thanks!!

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    Our Hotel is almost sold out and tickets sales for the events will end at the end of the month. If you haven't booked your room or purchased your event tickets, you will be out of luck. Also, T shirt sales are still available #RaidersInMiami

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    I have 4 tickets and a parking pass for sale for this game Section 103 $600 for all.

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