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Thread: Playoffs

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    holy shit this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD707 View Post
    holy shit this game
    brah, what the hell are we watching ?! Some epic stuff.

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    Buffalo choke that game away, the defense they played with 13 seconds, F the Chiefs !!!
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    Bills D blew that bad. The QB play from the Bills and the Chiefs was about as good as you can get though.

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    Feel terrible for the Bills. What was Frazier doing???? FUCK THE POS CHIEFS. Cant stand them. If i see another Mahomes commercial im going postal. "If i was a sneaker head..."
    Motherfucker, if you was Patrick Mahomes just looking me in my eye, id stab you with your brothers tiktok cellphone... hate the Chiefs, hate Kelce, hate Tyreek, and hate the Mahomes family tree... fuckin douchebags

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    Panty, tell us how you really feel. Definitely one for the ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiders1992 View Post
    We both know that’s not the same type of cheating. What the raiders did was on the field stuff against the rules that could result in flags not off the field stuff or anything like deflating balls for a competitive edge.
    The Raiders had been accused for years of watering down the field during home games. They also were accused of filling the punting balls with helium to give Ray Guy a competitive edge. Listen to Len Dawson talk about the Coliseum. Or Terry Bradshaw. The Raiders supposedly had guys who would attempt to listen in on the locker rooms. Al Davis used to have interns go through trash to attempt to find play sheets. Ican go on and on. The Raiders cheated.....this isn't up for debate. So did the Patriots. So did the Steelers. So does every team in the league.The Patriots got caught. The Patriots have also taken advantage of little known NFL rules to gain competitive advantage....I call that being smart and knowing the rulebook. If the situations were reversed and the Raiders had gotten in trouble for what the Patriots did, all while winning 6 Superbowls, we would all be sitting here and bitching about how the NFL hates us and they are conspiring against us.
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    Great game. Bills fucked up by not squibing the kickoff. Squib the kick, runs off about 5 seconds, no way KC gets off more than 2 plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ra1derfan53 View Post
    Great game. Bills fucked up by not squibing the kickoff. Squib the kick, runs off about 5 seconds, no way KC gets off more than 2 plays.
    I agree. I couldn't believe they kick it into the end zone. The Bill's number one defense stunk in the forth quarter and the overtime.

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