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Thread: Nate Hobbs cited for driving 110 mph two weeks after a DUI charge

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    Hobbs checks all the boxes and can be considered an official mellon head. Going to be a habitual one at that. As good a ball player that he is...there's always going to be trouble. I'll call it right now.

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    College mentality. Players at U of I, just like most schools, are treated like God's and get away with everything. Just looks like adulting is not his thing. He will learn one way or another. I haven't heard of him being bailed out at the U of I, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Guess I should ask around and see. Anyway, total bonehead.

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    Can't say much about speeding ive gone well over 180 on the road and across some bridges here in FL (1500+ hp r35) I'm just glad that everyone is ok and no one was hurt. Hopefully no one around

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    This wont be his last rendezvous with the law. I can feel that. Shit like this will make him unavailable to the Raiders....if it keeps happening. Dumb and dumber were supposed to draft "good" people. NOT mellon heads. They drafted 4. Prob why Mayok isn't here anymore.

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