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Thread: 2021 - NFL - MVP - Derek Carr

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    Now THIS could be fun! An absolute full blown cheerleader vs a staunch minded Carr hater…..

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    Arron Rodgers 37 TD and 4 Int this year and Carr is being compared to Gannon 20 years ago.

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    I think Carr is adequate to do the job. We need a number 1 WR, and some better play up front, but what the OP clown is saying is pretty outlandish

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    Quote Originally Posted by F.I.B. Savior View Post
    More MVP type numbers.

    ▪️5th in Passing Yards 4,804
    ▪️1st in Passing yards under Pressure (1,260)
    ▪️5th in completion% (68%)
    ▪️2nd in Game Winning Drives (6)
    ▪️2nd in Big Time Throws
    ▪️2nd in completions on 15 yard throws (71)
    ▪️3rd in Completion % in the 4th QTR (70.7)
    ▪️4th in most on target throws % (73.4%)
    ▪️6th passing yards per Attempt [7.8]
    ▪️12th in QBR (52.7)

    Not bad for a QB who had his head coach and #1 WR taken away, all the while operating behind the 28th rank offensive line in the NFL.

    Yeah let's go ahead and trade or release Carr. Sound good?

    Go Raiders!
    but you said he had no players around him ??? i guess all those yds and catches were done by ghost's

    worst red zone qb, worst fumbler,worst decision maker on 4th down and rolls up into a ball when under duress

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