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Thread: Should they Stay, or should they Go - Staff

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    If you look at the first rounders in particular, they have been terrible.

    Cle Ferrell would have been a good second round pick, but at the 4th pick in the draft, he should be a difference maker. He's not. In terms of our "investment" of draft capital, he's been a bust.

    Damon Arnette? Huge reach and character issues. He's gone.

    Henry Ruggs? Talented, but character issues. Out of the NFL.

    Alex Leatherwood? Probably decent value in the second round, but as a first he's been bust so far. He should be starting and in the top half of offensive guards in the league. Instead he's starting and among the bottom third of guards in the NFL and that's being nice.

    Jonathan Abram? Solid in the box safety, liability in coverage. Bust so far.

    Josh Jacobs? Good runner when he's healthy. Problem is he isn't healthy enough. Running backs can be had in the second, third and even fourth rounds, and their careers aren't typically that long anyway. As a first rounder, he has provided average but not good or great value.

    Soooooooo, we have drafted better in later rounds than in the first round. Why? Are first rounders Gruden's picks and Mayock's are in the later rounds.

    Maxx Crosby? Great pick.

    Hunter Renfrow? Great pick. One of all-time Raiders single season reception leaders, right below Tim Brown. He's an ankle breaker. Plays with great heart.

    Nate Hobbs? Good pick. His DUI is concerning, but at least he knew enough to pull off the road.

    John Simpson? Good pick.

    Bryan Edwards? Providing some value.

    Lynn Bowden? Character issues. Traded.
    your forgetting tanner muse,amik Robertson,Isaiah johnson

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    Did not forget them

    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    your forgetting tanner muse,amik Robertson,Isaiah johnson
    Just did not list them. Bust. Not productive yet. Bust.

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