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Thread: Derek Carr Says Raiders Should Keep Bisaccia

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    Quote Originally Posted by CycloneRaider View Post
    100%. I think the OC is the problem with our red zone offense. How is nobody ever open when we get the ball inside the ten. I watch other games and someone is always wide open in the end zone. Let alone two point tries.
    you can't just blame it all on the oc Mr derek carr is also part of the problem he locks on targets,checks down short of end zone and refuses to ext plays with his legs or even run in tds

    oc is fine up n down the field but when we hit the rz nobody can get open or is derek carr the problem ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderNationPaul68 View Post
    That be a mistake, in my opinion, time for a new coaching staff.
    olson goodbye,gus goodbye replace with vic fangio =upgrade

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