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What about the penalty against Abram? Abram did a beautiful job blowing that play up.. he took on a 325 lb lineman, went lower than the lineman (perfectly in his gut/hips) and stopped him cold in his tracks, forcing the ball carrier into O-lineman and down to the ground. It was textbook on how to take on a lead blocker and stop the play
Wayyyyy easier said than done. They should be showing video of what Abram did in a MasterClass on how to play Defense. Im not kidding. He couldnt have played it anymore perfect. He didnt go for legs, he didnt go for helmet... He went for the only place you can to hope to be successful on a play like that. And the god awful refs threw a 15 yd flag on that. That play was huge. I couldnt believe it. So basically what the NFL is saying on that play is for Abram (or whoever the undersized 200lb DB is) to stand up straight and get the shit knocked out of you taking on a 325lb lineman running full speed at you.. and resulting in the ball carrier to gain huge yardage... thats what they are saying in the implementarion of that rule. Greg Olsen was asked while announcing, "what is Abram supposed to do there" and Olson responded "exactly what he did. Thats why im not a fan of that rule"... IF THATS NOT RIDICULOUS, THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT IS. and yes, the Crosby roughing the passer was complete and utter garbage call as well.
Say he doesn't do anything, stays flat footed, hoping help is on the way....OLineman flattens him, cleat gets caught, blows out the ACL, broken ankle....then what?

Also the no call PI on the jersey tug of Zay Jones. You want to be ticky tack....that should have been called. Just because he looked towards the...doesn't mean he can tackle the receiver.