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Thread: Gruden Goes Silent

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    Must have been a slow news day on PFT if this non story made it. I get the Raiders are easy to hate on, but damn just wait a week or two or three and well probably actually provide something newsworthy.

    Being the offseason it feels like there are a lot of coaches that arent out addressing the media or saying anything that makes news not just Gruden. Wonder if Florio will write an article on their silence cause if they arent speaking they must be in trouble or up to something.

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    Florio on YouTube with his flunky speculated on this recently. Something out of nothing went as far saying the Football Writer Association would be complaining about the Raiders and esp Gruden not making themselves accessible.

    There’s nothing to report, rookie minicamp went down with no news and the Raiders are trying to prepare their team. Gruden is up to something and it’s called coaching. Hopefully, the so called “tampering” with Sherman was intentional so that he could just sign Hayward, then have an excuse to avoid the media.

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