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Thread: Would you take a flyer on WR Josh Gordon?

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    Would you take a flyer on WR Josh Gordon?

    He is currently suspended and reportedly clean. Working out at a sports complex. On a recent podcast he sounds like he knows this is his last rodeo. Stated he knew he was an a hole and at 30 ready to do whats right.

    Would you take a cheap flyer on him?

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    Was playing for an indoor league recently.

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    no thanks...proven loser

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    No. Guy has substance abuse issues and no matter what he says, I don't think he truly wants to get clean.

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    Dude a lifer (drugs) will never get clean,blew all of his talent on weed and potentially blew making hundred of millions of dollars and going down in history as one of the most dominant wr

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    This guy is still in the league? No thanks..

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    He’s had way too many chances, no thanks...
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    Mark me down as a big NO!!!! No chance No way and No how.

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