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Thread: david irving brought back

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    david irving brought back

    Vincent Bonsignore

    The @Raiders
    have brought back DE David Irving

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    Good insurance because priority #1 is improving the pass rush. Still need to try for a solid DT in FA or trade if possible (i.e. for Mariota but it's looking like other teams won't budge) then draft another one. I like Tufele from USC and Onwuzurike from Washington. They might last into the 3rd because the class is so weak.

    Jaelen Phillips in the 4th would be a good choice. Too risky with his concussion history to grab him in anything higher than a 4th.

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    If this guy could just get in shape, and get motivated, he’s got a ton of potential. I’m damn sure NOT counting on him AT ALL, but maybe he could be a pleasant surprise

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    Year 1, to get back into shape is down. Back with Marinelli, lets see what he can do. Lots of tools and physical gifts on this guy, good length, speed off the edge, power up the middle.....hopefully he can keep his head on straight in Vegas, the next 6 months.

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    I don’t know about anyone else, but I like what Irving said recently after contract. Talk is cheap and these words don’t make much noise, but the line could really use this action.

    "I see this as my team and my defense and I am going to put in the work," Irving said. "And I am going to back that s--- up."


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    That’s what I WANT to happen

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