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Thread: I offered raiderman818 a pardon

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    I offered raiderman818 a pardon

    I sent Raiderman818 a pardon on 1/20 in a private message. My bet was to prove a point not be an asshole. His name calling crap was beyond annoying to me, but what can I say.

    Either he hasn't been back to see it, or he does not want to return. My offer has no strings.

    Just thought I'd make the offer.

    Stay safe!

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    Cool, thanks for letting us know. The guy makes a good point about Raiders stuff most times that I may not typically agree with, but the name calling is dead weight. To each his own, but agreed that the shit gets old.

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    He lost a bet so he left, even though the bet was rigged.

    God Bless 818, hope you are well.
    Trump Won.

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    Well he knew his raiders shit...
    Hope he well

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