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Thread: Got my Moderna vaccine yesterday.

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    So we are still doing vaccinations here in smaller settings. July 1 we closed our super center. We have a college drive thru clinic each week and go to town libraries. We offer all 3 vaccines. Looks like Nevada and other resistant vaccine areas are seeing spikes. As much as 99% of hospital admits and deaths are the un vaccinated. Delta will do a lot of damage this fall and winter if the un vaccinated don't get vaccinated.

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    Hey rabid you gotta clean out your mailbox its full

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    Quote Originally Posted by RF4L View Post
    I am not concerned. I won't be taking the vaccine. I refuse to.
    Same here.

    Pretty much a 99+% survival rate.

    No long-term study of vax, causes heart lining issues in some, who knows what else long-term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    Hey rabid you gotta clean out your mailbox its full

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