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Thread: Grading Our 2020 FA Additions Thus Far

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    Grading Our 2020 FA Additions Thus Far

    Mixture of studs and duds. Have to admit the guys I expected to have an impact have mostly sucked and the guys I didn't expect much out of have been pretty good.....

    Nelson Agholor, has been a revelation....none of the drops that plagued him in Philly....legit deep threat with excellent speed. A+

    Dav Booker, expected nothing out of the former Mule.....has broken off some nice runs and filled in for JJ very nicely. B+

    Nick Kwiatkowski, pec injury set him back a bit but he's been really good and a difference maker when out there. B+

    Cory Littleton, our biggest FA addition and biggest disappointment.....getting abused in coverage (supposedly his strength), missing tackles, weak against the run....expected a pro-bowl type of LB and we're getting a toilet bowl performance. F

    Maelik Collins, another big addition that's been a huge disappointment.....banged up now but contributed zilch to the interior pass rush when he was healthy. On a one year deal and right now it looks to be one and done. D-

    Carl Nassib, probably out 6-8 weeks with the broken toe but have to wonder why the RAIDERS shelled out top dollar for this guy. Good effort player but definitely not the explosive edge rusher we needed. Book is still out on Nassib, but the early returns don't look great. D

    Jeff Heath, expected to be mainly a special teams ace but could be on the verge of unseating Harris as a starting safety. C+

    Jason Witten, about what we expected. Veteran leadership, still a solid blocker, but would rather have Foster get more run instead. Probably the old man's last season. C

    That's it, off the top of my head. Comments ?


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    Very fair assessment. Like everyone else I expected a lot more from Littleton, maybe that changes with Kwiatkowski back full time. Collins & Nassib probably didn't need both and possibly could have gotten/get more from some of the younger guy's. Have to see more of Heath but I am about done with Harris as a starter.

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    Joiner has been lights out this yr in the slot

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    is it really fair to grade the defense
    right now as over half of team defense
    players are new and are just learning
    the playbook also no preseason games
    this year....let play 8 games first and
    see how it goes

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    Yeah it’s fair. Quarter into the season. Do it again at the halfway point, 12 weeks and end of the year. Let’s see if there’s improvement. I’m encouraged by what I saw in KC last Sunday. I believe they’re starting to come together. Guenther might actually know how to coach after all

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    I think half way point is fine but 1st qtr naw especially with short camp and no pre-season

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    I agree with these grades, super fair in my opinion. Hopefully Littleton gets in a good groove and we can pick up Irving and get him spun up too!

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    Pretty much in point, tho I wouldn’t have given Littleton an F just yet, as I think he needs more time next to Kwaitkowski and in the scheme. He was getting abused by Kelsey though.

    Good point about Heath. Really hoping they start him over Harris at safety.

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    It has only been 5 games. Littleton has the talent we know that, I think he will show out once he is comfortable in the scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by war_material View Post
    It has only been 5 games. Littleton has the talent we know that, I think he will show out once he is comfortable in the scheme.
    Let's hope so. I don't like the 'comfortable in the scheme' excuse and Littleton has looked like crap so far.

    Not that I put much stock in PFF ratings, but here's a list of their ratings of our defensive players. As expected, Collins and Littleton are at the very bottom.....

    Hurst: 89.4
    Heath: 80.8
    Kwiatkoski: 78.1
    Ferrell: 76.7
    Hankins: 71.4
    Lawson: 61.7
    Key: 59.6
    Arnette: 58.7
    Mullen: 57.8
    Nassib: 50.4
    Crosby: 49.3
    Morrow: 47.6
    Harris: 47.5
    Abram: 46.3
    Joyner: 45.4
    Vickers: 44.2
    Collins: 37.2
    Littleton: 32.1

    Littleton had better get going or I'm going to rename him Nothington.


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