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Thread: Game thread beat the queefs

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    i got a feeling this yr is gonna be different !!! look for ruggs usage to go way up,same for nelson whom has erased bryan edwards and his 2 catches a game for 20 yds
    Yeah you could be right; I really like what I saw from Ferrell in the KC game; and Ruggs is messing the defense up as they cannot put 8 men in the box when he on the field, like they normally do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    Harris got hurt. Heath had about 45 snaps due to that according to Jerry McDonald on twitter. I did not see snap counts for others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaider View Post
    Yeah you could be right; I really like what I saw from Ferrell in the KC game; and Ruggs is messing the defense up as they cannot put 8 men in the box when he on the field, like they normally do...
    Agreed on Ferrell, stats weren't great, but it's the whole package, playing his lane, funneling runs to the inside, staying at home, pressure up the gut on Mahomes forcing him to bail.

    Ruggs is doing what we got him to do, stretch the field, get a couple eyes on him going vertical, eye candy on Jet Sweeps. It's the threat and we have to go at it early, to make some room underneath for Jacobs and Waller to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePantyRaider View Post
    Ah yes, but keep in mind Bryan Edwards is a rookie and only going to get better and better each game. He should be back healthy ready to rock after the bye week. The passes to Edwards and his play after the catch have been great. Go back and watch the games he played in. He hasn't been targeted that much YET but trust me those plays are coming... the kid really is a great WR. Watch out for him in year 2 to make that big leap.
    I love this WR Corp. Definitely cutting Tyrrell at end of season as there is no room for his oft injured ass... even healthy there is just no room for him. Renfrow Ruggs Edwards, Agholor and Zay Jones is a pretty nice looking unit..
    Hoping Agholor will want to stay in Vegas but we ain't getting him for a 1 mil contract next year...
    Fingers crossed we can keep this unit together for years to come.
    Edwards earned praise as a blocker and in Gruden's book, that is huge, players able to do the dirty work will earn snaps. At the end of the day, when all are healthy, its become a solid room for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by war_material View Post
    top 10 de in this league according to pff

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    We weren't blitzing at all. We were running 3 man pressures with Arden Key spying on Mahomes. Put everybody else back into coverage. We allowed Mahomes to play his backyard football and let him run around while covering all of his options. A lot of the pressure was just staying home and not over pursuing waiting for Mahomes to extend plays then circling back around to him - a lot of coverage sacks so to speak. I remember one sack for Crosby - he tried to generate pressure and was ridden away from Mahomes so he quick did a spin move to get back towards the pocket and Mahomes ended up drifting right back into his arms essentially for a sack.
    We blitzed a few times, but mostly 4 man rush except when we were ahead in the 4th quarter and it was 3rd and long, then there was a 3 man rush with Key as a spy on Mahomes. I don't know how the front 3 or 4 got so much pressure on Mahomes. If the rush didn't get to Mahomes it could have been a long game for the Raiders, fortunately they did get to him.

    The pressure and the good coverage at times are what helped keep the Raiders competitive in this game. But even with all that, the Chiefs still scored 32 points.

    I don't know how Mahomes held on to the ball when Crosby sacked him.

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