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Thread: Official Gameday thread: Saints @ Raiders - Las Vegas Home Opener

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    Official Gameday thread: Saints @ Raiders - Las Vegas Home Opener

    Who's ready for this one???
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    The Raiders need to get pressure on Brees. We can't give him the time Bridgewater had last week. Hopefully, he slowed down a little at 41.

    Welcome to the Death Star, where our opponent's dreams come to die.

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    All I can ask for is a close game. If we lose to an aging QB without his number 1 target by more than 14 points I'm gonna be pissed. Defense needs to step up. We're gonna have to score 30+ to stay in this game.

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    I got Raiders plus 6 in parlay I put in saturday. Hit the front end with Colby "Chaos" Covington.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    Who's ready for this one???
    Raises hand.

    Doesn't matter if I'm ready though.

    I think we've got a shot tonight.

    Hard to predict a RAIDER win with Guenther scheming against Payton.

    Hard to predict a RAIDER win with Carrbage facing a probable playoff team.

    Fuck it, I'll do it anyway. Sue me if I'm letting my heart speak instead of my brain.


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    Raiders lose by 24
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    Brown, Kwiatkowski, Rico inactive.

    No surprise on Trent and Kwit, was hoping Rico would be our kick returner.


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    Brown wtf. So tired of that dude.

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    I'm feeling nauseous.

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    What's up Gents

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