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Thread: Oakland Raiders Salary Cap - multi year breakdowns

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    Only bring Penn back if he costs a lot less than $7m. Jano should be re-signed for cheaper. Nelson is probably gone. Smith is probably gone. Carrie, Autry, Condo, Manuel, etc are fine to come back. Not sure about Justin Ellis. He has not progressed much, has he?


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    updated cap thanks to extension toward carr and jackson

    2017 - 19.1M cap space
    2018 - 7M cap space

    2018 unrestricted free agents
    - penn 7.1M
    - nelson 6M
    - janikowski 4.4M
    - smith 3M
    - ellis 1.9M
    - carrie 1.8M
    - autry 1.7M
    - jenkins 1M
    - mcgill 801K
    - condo 695K
    - manuel 640K
    - helfet 615K
    - smith (still suspended from the league)
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    Quote Originally Posted by beastmode24 View Post
    since derek carr and gabe jackson got the extension now, they're no longer a free agent next year

    mack getting paid 13.8M next year because of 5th year option
    Mack should get a new contract which should bring his cap no. down.

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