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Thread: Rabidraider vs Raiderman818 death match

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    Lmao now that was a good one.

    The writing is on the wall. He's still here. Littleman seems extremely lonely.
    He stated that when Biden gets 270 certified Electoral Votes he will leave. I guess we will see. December 14th is about right.
    Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    OK. You leave the forum permanently when I and Trump win. I'll leave permanently if you and dementia Joe win.

    You've got a bet.


    TRUMP 2020


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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    Nah, I just deal with reality. I can't be held responsible for your confusion.

    Sorry, but obviously you don't understand the difference between specific absentee ballots being mailed out by request to individual legitimate voters and MILLIONS of ballots being haphazardly mailed out to anyone that was once a registered voter.

    I should have mailed in the ballot that was delivered to my residence in my brother's name even though he hasn't lived at this address for years. That would have been especially delicious because he's a registered Demoron. Alas, I have too much integrity to act like a Demoncrap.

    Since you can't discern the difference, or are too intellectually dishonest to acknowledge the difference between traditional absentee voting and what went on in this election, I really can't help you.

    Nothing TRUMP said about absentee voting was contradictory. He didn't vote more than once. Nor did he vote by mail in the general election. Them's the facts.

    I'll say it again, TRUMP won the election in a LANDSLIDE. This will eventually be proven and the Demoncrap/Corrupt Corpse thieving chicanery exposed.

    Pray for America.
    I’m not confused at all about any of Trump’s contradictory statements, not about voting or anything else. I said they were political strategy. So far, the strategy has failed.

    Some Trump voters want to hold on to hope about the result of the election. Guess they will have to wait and see what evidence this huge conspiracy to give the election to Biden yields.

    I’d rather just move on. The election is over.

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    So for the next 4 years can I cry like a pussy ass bitch like all the libs did and say “not my president” ??? LMFAO

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderBay View Post
    So for the next 4 years can I cry like a pussy ass bitch like all the libs did and say “not my president” ??? LMFAO
    You will do what the Media tells you to do and respect President Fraud.

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