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Thread: Drew Brees speaks out about kneeling and gets back lash.

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    Hey Black people, if you need help filling out a Job application. I will help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by APROVO View Post
    I know I posted I'd return in January but damn I agree with you so damn much 818 it's INSANE LOL! I had to speak on a non Raider topic.I disagree with 2 many ppl here to waste my time to get mad n argue with everyone. Im Waiting for RESULTS to talk. I don't do social media (facebook,twitter, Instagram) That shit is Fake AF! BUT..... I live in San Bernardino California and so many Buildings are bordered up cuz of this looting and rioting it's ridicules. But ya 818 you are right 1000000 % right here.
    I got crucified in the live comments section during the Pat McAfee show today for supporting Drew Brees and How pissed off I was about Darius Butler throwing around the term "white privilege" when talking about Adam Vinitari.
    I been Beat the fuck down by cops in the streets and in jail bad. Harassed when I use to drive a POS bucket back in the day. Got jumped for being WHITE in the wrong neighborhood. IMO the term "white privilege" is racist. It implies that ALL white people are privileged and face NO bullshit in life and have an easy.

    First thought in your brain AS AN AMERICAN, instinctively. You see someone taking knee before the flag. You think "wow" that's fucked up and disrespectful being an American Citizen

    "THEN PEOPLE SAY WHY are they doing that"!!!!!!!!

    The NFL is made up of 70% African Americans. Add up ALL OF THERE SALARIES COMBINED. That is ALOT more than enough capital to make a change in this country, By SOOO much!!! If they truly wanted to do something about it and making difference.

    Taking a knee During the Anthem is disrespectful in so many aspects and using the term "white privilege" is as IGNORANT as saying all blacks are gang bangers and drug dealers.

    IM for all races. & Equal Equanimity. Thank you goodnight
    Good points.

    And I knew you wouldn't stay away.

    You just like Drew Bree's gets an opinion, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    Go Raiders.
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    Im still waiting for the Riots over the OJ Simpson verdict.

    Maybe white people should burn and trash and loot.

    come at me bro.

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    This dillrod wants to put me on a post saying I don't feel bad about black people.

    Guess What I fucking don' are afforded the same rights as me!

    Tell me you Aren't !

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    Raideriam, just a quick heads up for you regarding the Hall Monitor. He's not black. He's whiter than Casper the ghost. He's also an anti-semite and a closet racist. Typical leftist prick.

    He's a punk ass bitch that wouldn't survive 5 minutes on the streets. It's good that you're locked and loaded, but trust me on this -- you need not be concerned about the Hall Monitor. He's as soft as 4 ply toilet paper and has the intelligence of a gnat.

    TRUMP 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by APROVO View Post
    To sacrifice myself to Raider Nation proving the false Narratives about all Raider Fans are GangBangers and would bring violence to LA if they moved back to LA
    Yeah, you're a real fucking martyr alright. Clown.

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    818, I actually leave my house quite often and I actually go to Raider games. You hide in your nursing home and never go to any games. You're a fake fan and a racist shit bag POS to boot. Raider Nation doesn't want scumbags like you wearing the gear or supporting the team anyway. How does it feel when your own team goes against your views and all you can do is cry about it on a forum? No balls.

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    Once again you stupid ass, the president doesn't have a say when the secret service makes decisions on his/her security. You are just one racial promoting fucking idiot who happens to spit out a shit-ton of garbage and non-proven "facts". Why don't you do society a favor and get out there in those protests. Maybe karma will pay your stupid ass a visit!

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