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Thread: West Coast Offense QB - Rush Yards Per Game - Who would you build a franchise around?

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    Carr has the physical attributes to be good, but he will never have the cerebral attributes...I'm just glad we a viable back-up now!!!

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    Mahomes....nuff said!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    If Pussyboy is your 'franchise QB', your franchise is fucked.

    He's a stone cold LOSER.

    Hard to believe Pussyboy was the highest paid player in the NFL for a short while.

    The mediocre pussy has been living off a fluke 2016 season for years now.

    Completing 70% of your passes when they're basically all checkdowns doesn't mean shit.

    Piling up garbage time passing yardage doesn't mean shit.

    Putting up points and winning games is what matters.

    To do that a 'franchise QB' will use his legs and stretch the field more than once a season.

    Franchise QBs can carry a team. Pussyboy needs everything around him to be perfect in order to succeed. The team has to carry him.

    Pussyboy isn't a franchise QB. Never has been. Never will be.

    You're delusional if you think otherwise.
    Hey Carr is having a party at his LV mansion on Monday. Wanna go?
    Its gonna be Carrs wife posing as a stripper. Carrs kids posing as two midgets and of course our boy Carr posing as a decent QB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    We're back to this shit again ?

    For the 1 millionth time....Carrbage is a mediocre pussy.
    The irony from this kid.


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