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Thread: rooney rule pt deux (2x)

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    rooney rule pt deux (2x)

    Roger Goodell C, Unsigned Free Agent
    The NFL will now require teams to interview at least two minority candidates for head-coaching openings moving forward.

    That is an upgrade from the previous requirement of one minority candidate since the implementation of the Rooney Rule. Now broken, teams have simply been handing out interviews to minorities knowing they weren’t going to get the job. This will hopefully improve things. Additionally, teams will now have to interview a minority for open coordinator jobs. That wasn’t part of the original Rooney Rul

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    This is the most blatantly racist thing I’ve ever seen

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    This is a completely bad idea

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    The new and improved Looney Drool.

    Double the virtue signaling !

    Kneel and pray at the altar of diversity, it's rayciss not to !!

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    BTW, I self identify as a black woman.

    That gives me a leg up in my candidacy to be an NFL coordinator, head coach, or even commissioner when Goodell gives it up.

    I might even own a team one day. All I need is a loan from Jay-Z and Beyonce.

    If I can't land one of those gigs.....there's always vice president.....are you feeling me Joey Biden ????

    Stay-Z Tank Abrams has nothing on 818 !!
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    Were there maybe some teams who refused to hire minority coaches just based off skin color alone back in the day? Sure. But these days the competition between coaches, technology/analytics whatever you wanna call it is so tight, teams are hiring who can help them win regardless of outlying factors like skin color. And this is coming from a minority.

    I personally think this will become less and less of an issue each year. The old racists farts who do care about this stuff and have a say in the team are dying off. Just hire the most qualified. The problem will take care of itself.

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    In the draft, teams pick the players they think will help them win. Coaching choices should be exactly the same.

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    What about owners? They approve the dudes with the deepest pockets?

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    Doritos plus Mt dew. Cant wait to try them.

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    So does this mean you can interview 2 black coaches and do not have to interview any white coaches ??? Another rule to support liberal logic aka no logic

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